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TIE BREAKER- voting for the 8th greatest Canuck of time

Langdon Algur

Tie Breaker vote  

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In the thread to vote for the 8th greatest Canuck of all time, it turned into a three way race. So as requested here's the tie-breaker vote for #8.

The list so far.

1) Trevor Linden

2) Pavel Bure

3) Henrik Sedin

4) Daniel Sedin

5) Markus Naslund

6) Stan Smyl

7) Roberto Luongo

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Voted Gradin, doesn't look like that'll matter anyway.

Missed the previous poll. Good to see Lu get voted in, yet everyone wants him gone. Admitting to running the best goalie that ever played for us out of town. Classy franchises don't do that.

Thankfully MG hasn't sunk that low (yet)

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