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Inconsistency over last 15 games due to lack of push back.


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In my opinion the recent regression in our ability to win games over the past 15 games or so is largely due to the fact that the Canucks role players aren't doing their jobs at key moments in the games, particularly after an opponent takes liberties with one of our players.

Volpatti was excellent at this and I think our fourth line is really suffering from his loss. When a player on the other team decided to take liberties with any of our players, no matter who they were or where they played, Volpatti's duty for his next shift was to put the other team in as much pain as possible for what they or their teammate did. That my friends is push back.

A very recent example of this is during tonights game against the Blue Jackets. Twice during the second period our players were on the receiving end of a dirty hit; First, Barker almost has his head taken off by Boll, then Garrison takes a hit from behind that may not have been malicious but was most certainly dangerous.

I can understand Boll not being chased down right away as I belive it was Ebbett's line on the ice but immediately after that our fourth line was put on the ice by AV and what did we see? No fights or big hits, two turnovers, a lot of skating around watching the puck, and zero push back.

Whats more is that at the end of their shift Johansenn took a run at Garrison and could have easily hurt him, yet again all we see are three of the biggest guys on the team in Lappy, Weise and Sestito leisurely skating back to the bench without a word or intimidating glare at Johansenn.

Then the Sedins come out for the powerplay that we luckily got and they feel like they have to get into scrums to defend their team. I love that the Sedins are playing more aggressively and defending themselves but they shouldn't have to score most of the goals and defend the team at the same time.

Thanks for reading. Have a different reason for the play we've seen recently?

***Sorry for double post... push back not puck back***

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