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LOL @ Trudeau's qualifications being less than any other politician.

With the rare exception of very few, all politicians lack moral fiber. And if Trudeau is lacking anything in the brain power department, he wont have very big shoes to fill if he becomes Prime Minister anyways. Not like he's gonna following a genius or anything.

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What's in it for you?

How about you think about what's in it for the country? For everyone else? For the greater good?

Not everyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and this means we need government services that you probably don't need. Your moral and family values may work for you, but may not for others - is it right for you to choose that for your government and have that be what others live under?

What's your stance on alcohol then? Alcohol ruins more lives and more futures than pot does. If you're against legalizing pot, would you re-enact prohibition?

My friend, first, every voter needs to ask that same question I just posed. That's why some people vote for this person, others vote for that.

Second, if you want to talk about what's good for the country, we are not cookie-cutter products holding to the same values. We could argue why we think our own views are what this nation needs, but now's not the time to descend into verbal mudslinging. One thing we all can agree upon is a need for leadership from our government.

Again, I like Trudeau's personal style and passion, but want to know more about who he is and what he plans to do as PM.

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  • 10 months later...

Bump almost a year later...

JT's Liberals have not relinquished their lead in federal polls taken since JT won the Lib leadership race. Their gains, esp. in areas east of Manitoba, likely mean the next federal election, held in October 2015, will go to the Libs unless there is a dramatic turnaround in Canadian voting intentions.


Ipsos Reid was last in the field for CTV News on Jan. 31-Feb. 4, and has shown no real significant movement in support since then. But the Liberals are up four points to 37%, followed by the Conservatives at 29%.

The Tories have been registered 29% support in three consecutive polls by Ipsos now, suggesting they are having trouble getting the numbers to move in their favour.

The New Democrats were down three points to 24%, while the Bloc Québécois was down two points to 5%. Support for other parties, including the Greens, was up one point to 5%. Undecideds numbered 18% of the sample, up three points.

Among those most likely to vote, the Liberals dropped three points to 35%. The Conservatives were up three points to 31%, while the NDP was down one point to 24%. None of these shifts appear statistically significant.

The Liberals led by four points among men and 12 points among women, while they were ahead among all age groups (though the margin over the Tories shrank to two points among voters 55 and older).

Alberta was a bit of an odd one. The Conservatives were up slightly to 48%, but the Liberals increased by 15 points to 39%, a huge number for them and their third consecutive gain in Alberta in Ipsos's polling. The New Democrats were down 16 points to just 7% in the province.

What is going on in Alberta? The chart below shows all the polls released for the province since April 2013.

As you can see, the Conservatives have been polling under 50% in Alberta in four recent polls. This has happened on several occasions in the past, but not usually coinciding with such high Liberal numbers. They have been over 30% twice recently, while before the party had only marginally gotten over the 30% mark in April and in September-October (aside from one anomalous poll where they were over 40% in May).

Is this just a wobble, or are the Liberals making real gains in Alberta? We'll have to see what subsequent polling shows. But with two by-elections pending in the province, these may be numbers worth keeping an eye on.

Overall, the numbers in the Ipsos poll would likely give the Liberals 139 seats to 126 for the Conservatives, 66 for the New Democrats, five for the Bloc Québécois, and two for the Greens.

Despite holding an eight-point lead, the Liberals are severely penalized by trailing in British Columbia and having only a five-point edge in Ontario, while the New Democrats can still win a plurality of seats in Quebec.

Apart from the interesting numbers in Alberta, it seems that federal voting intentions remain generally where they have been since April 2013. For the Liberals, whose convention begins in Montreal today, that is good news. But for the Conservatives and New Democrats, something has got to give for them to knock the numbers loose again.

What's shocking to me is the amount of Liberal support now in Alberta. This is usually unheard of for a typical Con stronghold.

I think this polling taken since JT took over the Lib leadership just reflects that the majority Canadians nationwide feel that it's time for a politcal change, and they're willing to give JT, as young as he is, a shot.

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^ If anything it's JT's social policies that are appealing to some here in Alberta (especially pot) -- it's certainly not economic appeal.

The reasons people here tend to chase Cons (I stay away from the Big 3 as much as possible) is because entrepreneurship is very prevalent (especially in Calgary, not as much so in Edmonton) and they want government hands off their money as much as possible.

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I just hope he learns to control his mouth more in certain sensitive issues. I think as time goes on he will groom quite nicely into a decent PM. He has already transformed a lot since becoming leader of the liberals. The fact the Cons view him as the legit opposition even though the NDP are technically opposition party speaks volumes to his potential as PM of Canada.

I can't wait till Harper and his goons are out. I supported Harper in 2006, but now he has overstayed his welcome kinda like Gordo in BC. Also the fact it seems like no world leader takes him serious.

I could see Trudeau getting along with many world leaders because of his fathers past.

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His comment about Russia being angry after losing in Hockey was hilarious. Just shows how hopeless and pathetic the opposition is when they have to grasp at straws to try and make him look bad. Those radio ad's about legalization of weed backfired for the conservatives which is way they most likely pulled them. Get Harper out of there Mr. Trudeau.

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I really don't care if JT isn't politically correct all the time when he speaks. It shows he's honest, and if there's going to be any trait to have that will be the one that's most important. The marijuana legalization policy is more important than some might think, it shows that JT realizes that laws should be made to reflect the society we live in. It's 2014, not 1984.

Harper sounds like a robot, every line is carefully scripted and thought out in advance. Even though people all around him are caught with their fingers in the cookie jar, Steve carefully tip toes over the stains and maintains his 'squeaky clean' image, despite his obvious involvement in the Duffy/Wright scandal.

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That Russian hockey joke was very Chretien-esque. And of course everyone's like 'you owe us an apology' and 'what that's not a laughing matter' blah, blah, blah. And he apologizes and gets a platform again.

What's funny is that the entire incident made him look like the current PM. Meanwhile, Harper's like, "Hello? Not dead yet!"

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