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CHL Season 3(Teams available)(NHL 13 sim league-Season underway)


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So I apparently can't trade underage players to NHL/AHL teams.

This is gonna suck cuz now I will have to create all of them and make them old enough.

Unless you guys know of another way.

Edit player does not allow me to edit the birth year.

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When doing re-rates lots of players will just stay the same. If players had a really good sim year then they will progress, if they have high potential they will progress. Players at the end of careers or if they had a really bad year they will regress.

Kris Letang isn't on Boston's SS. At least I cant see it.

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As it stands right now we have 10 vacant teams(Dallas and St.Louis now included) I am considering not moving forward with this league as it seems interest is phasing out. If everyone that hasn't checked in yet still wants to continue then I have no problem continuing. However if another person drops out or fails to check in then I don't want to bother anymore.

I will continue to do re-rates on teams that I know want to continue.

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