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Long story short, my buddy and I (geniuses I might add) did a short race in a parking lot. The police caught us, so I'm wondering has anyone here been caught? How much were the tickets? And what happened to your license? I live in Manitoba, but anything would be nice to know.

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Google is your friend

Drivers convicted of new Criminal Code street-racing offences would be subject to long-term driver’s licence suspensions and vehicle forfeiture sanctions under amendments proposed to Manitoba’s Highway Traffic Act today.

"It’s not just the drivers and passengers involved in street racing who are put at risk through this dangerous behaviour,” said Attorney General Dave Chomiak. “Street-racing offences put innocent bystanders in harm’s way and we are taking new steps today to strengthen public safety.”

Street-racing offences were recently added to the federal Criminal Code. The proposed amendments to provincial legislation would extend Manitoba’s vehicle forfeiture provisions to include vehicles driven by people who commit the new Criminal Code offences. Vehicles can already be forfeited for other serious offences including dangerous driving causing bodily harm or death, and in cases involving serious repeat offenders.

The proposed legislation would also extend Manitoba’s automatic driver’s licence suspension sanctions to ensure that people convicted of criminal street-racing offences will face suspensions ranging from one year to a possible lifetime suspension.

“These changes will help ensure this reckless and dangerous crime is also the target of meaningful provincial sanctions to help keep our roads and families safer,” said Chomiak.

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