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First of all, If I were AV, Edler wouldn't be playing right now and Ballard would be getting all of his ice time. I would then tell the boys that if they don't play a full 60 min effort, they are bag skated the next morning, and if they continue to be lack lustre, I keep bag skating them. You make one bad mistake, I won't punish them, but if they keep doing it, bench.

I would NEVER chew gum. I would tell Newell Brown to go coach a Minor League Team's PP instead. Garrison would be playing A LOT of PP time. And if they still lose, i yell the ????ing hell at them.

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Neither should have to say anything.

We are 7th (tied with Minny but they get 3rd) - if that's not enough motivation then I don't know what is...

I also think if the Sedins keep getting more feisty - that will motivate the team.

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