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The real reason for our spot in the standings.


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Like most of CDC, yesterday got be a little scared. Luckily Thomas Drance and Cam Charron (number wizards) have eased my pain a bit. We are a top possession team and our fenwick numbers and PDO indicate some wins should be coming soon enough. I don't doubt that. Maybe we end up in the 4-6th seed range come the playoffs but I am not worried about missing them entirely.

So I decided to do some looking around on the NHL website for any indication as why our team may be lower in the standings this season. Obviously we can still feast on the NW and we still have a handful of games against the lesser three teams (Col,Cal,Edm). But what else caused us to be a top tier team each year in the recent past?

:2011-2012: 11-5-2 --- 24/36pts

2010-2011: 11-6-1 --- 23/36pts

2009-2010: 13-5-0 --- 26/36pts

2008-2009: 10-6-2 --- 22/36pts

2007-2008: 5-3-2 --- 12/20pts

2006-2007: 8-1-1 --- 17/20pts

2005-2006: 9-1-0 --- 18/20pts

What are these?

These are the vs. East stats for our team since the last lockout.

These are dominating numbers for the most part collecting at least 60% of the possible points in every season and even as high as 90%.

This season has hampered our team by being stuck in the west all season, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe this year will not be our year, maybe it will, but these stats give us something to look forward to in the meantime.

Next season we will play 30 games vs. the east. 12 games more than the last 4 seasons and a whopping 20 games more than the two years following the lockout. This should make a lot of you very happy. The Canucks have a playing style that is dominant versus most teams in the east. Enough grit that is required to play in the low scoring/grinding west, but an array of skill players both on the frontlines as well as the backend.

I would even go as far as to say we would have Norris nominees on our team if we were a team playing in the east all season, and possibly one or two Rocket Richard winners (Kesler, Dank).

We may never have that luxury of playing in a conference we are better suited for but next year is a very promising looking season.

Hope this can cheer some of you up.

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It's Not So much what our Win-Loss Record is this year.. its how we lose is the problem.

We are getting out hit, out face off'd , out shot on most nights (including the nights we are winning)

And also on those nights we are winning, the Teams EGO kicks in and they sit back.. and Low and behold Makes the game closer than it ever needs to be (or even a loss) This team does not have the same complete 60 Minute efforts or killer instinct they had in the past.

Reminder to all canuck nation this is still technically the beginning of the season (canucks traditionally have slow starts under AV)

First 29 Games

2009/2010 - 16-13-0 (32 Points)

2010/2011 - 17-8-4 (38 points)

2011/2012 - 18-10-1 (37 Points)

2012/2013 - 14-9-6 (34 Points)

With that being said, I don't see the intangibles or the heart from this team that would allow me to think they are going to turn the corner like they did in those earlier years.

Our Division has become much more competitive.. No More Easy Points in the NW

Also the shortened season, doesn't allow for much separation from all other mediocre teams.

Let's hope they can play through the Pain, fill the gaping holes in this line up and Peak at the right time.. (just before and during the playoffs)

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