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Would You Trade a Top-4 D-man For a Top-6 Forward?


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NTC's side, theoretically speaking, would you trade one of our top 4 defensemen (Hamhuis, Edler, Bieksa, Garrison) for a bonafide top 6 forward? I love our team's depth on D but I think our team is one game changing forward from elite status - which has been compounded by the loss of Kesler and Booth to injury.

Alberts and Barker haven't been horrible by any means and Tanev has taken significant strides this year. I would not be hesitant to field D pairs of Hamhuis-Bieksa, Edler-Tanev, and a combination of Ballard/Alberts/Barker/Vandermeer if it meant augmenting the forwards corp in a manner that would allow them to provide another ~goal per game, which could very well mean the difference between win or lose.

In addition, this would force our second/third line tweeners Raymond, Higgins and Hansen into roles where they would have better chances to succeed against lesser opposition. A bottom six of Raymond, Higgins, Hansen, Lapierre, Schroeder, Kassian, Pinnizotto and Weise looks pretty solid to me. Of course one of these players would have to move up pending Booth's return.

Consider the percentage of our cap tied up in our defenders when we can only dress 6 as opposed to 12 forwards. But the combined (4.6 Bieksa + 4.6 Garrison + 4.5 Hamhuis + 4.2 Ballard + 3.25 Edler + 0.9 Tanev) 21.05 million we have tied up in cap in addition to the 9.3M in goalies adds up to nearly half of next year's 64M salary cap.

Under next year's cap (WITH Burrows and Edler's raises), this averages to 4M per goalie and defender and we have the remaining 32M for 12 forwards (12M remaining for 9 players with Sedins, Kesler, Burrows accounted for). Surely a salary redistribution is in order. By the way, these numbers do not include our 13th forward or our #7+8 defensemen.

Some notes - this is based on our current roster, assuming Kesler returns to form.

So! Would you and if so who would you trade? Or who you like to see acquired? You don't necessarily have to provide a proposal, even just players you'd like to see in blue and green.

Go Canucks go!

EDIT: I wrote this post on mobile. Do I get a cookie?

EDIT: Added post trade deadline thoughts/update.

Now that the trade deadline's come and passed, I was wondering what everyone's thoughts on the Roy trade was? Who would have thought we could get our fabled "top-6 forward" (albeit a rental) for K-Conn and a 2nd?

To further the discussion, with the cap coming down would you make this sort of trade in the offseason for a combination of younger forwards on their ELC's/RFA deals and draft picks?

Who would you trade?

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Im very open to the idea. I'd make everyone but kb3 untouchable ...

We need a shake up on D. Its just not working.

I'm open to moving eddy or hamhuis, to either get a top six forward or maybe a top nine forward and another dman right handed.

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I don't think cap is much of an issue, if the Canucks either buyout or trade both Booth and Ballard, lets a few UFA's walk (Manny), and make a trade for Luongo. That sheds off like around 15 million which leaves us about 10 million to make huge signings.

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Edler or Bieksa for sure. Did you watch KB3 last night? He was continually out of position and getting bounced off of the puck by the bigger St. Louis forwards. Neither of them play with any urgency in their stride. Time to change up and add someone up front that can put the puck in the net, be a presence in front of the net and not afraid to support his fellow teammates.

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Under the circumstances (no second line - cap dropping), I might trade a top 4 for a top 9/6 and a top 6....

Edler, Sestito

Couturier, Coburn.

and then Luo and a top 6 (Ballard) for a top 6/9 and a top 6...

Luo, Ballard, Barker, Mullen.

Grabovski, Franson, Frattin, Scrivens.

Sedins Burrows

(Booth Kesler Kassian)

Higgins Grabovski Hansen

Raymond Couturier Schroeder

Pinizzotto Lapierre Frattin


Hamhius Bieksa

Garrison Tanev

Coburn Franson


Schneider Scrivens


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In a heartbeat, too much tied up there, to many NTC's as well. Realistically Edler would be my first choice as his NTC hasn't kicked in and I can't stand the mistakes, then Bieksa, Garrison, and Hamhuis.

Much easier having your forwards trying to score then your defence. I would rather have good forwards and a defence that can play defefence as compared to the gross group of forwards we have and defence that put up points but give up goals left right and center, and I guess behind (drop pass ... looking at you Edler).

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Couple ideas with Philly involved

To Vancouver: Sean Couturier, Nick Cousins

To Philly: Alex Edler

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Couturier - Kesler - Kassian

Raymond - Schroeder - Hansen

Higgins - Lapierre - Weise


To Vancouver: Wayne Simmonds

To Philly: Alex Edler

Sedin - Sedin - Simmonds

Burrows - Kesler - Kassian

Raymond - Schroeder - Hansen

Higgins - Lapierre - Weise

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