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Farhan Lalji was on 1040 and said Luongo wants to go to Montreal


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Just because Luongo might want to go to Montreal doesn't mean that Montreal wants Luongo.

About the only reason I can see Montreal might be interested is that Luongo's cap hit is a little over a million less than the one for Price.

This being said, why would they move a 25(ish) goalie for a 33(ish) goalie? And what would Vancouver do with Schneider in such a case? Or would they flip Price?



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I think the OP is failing to mention the context of the question.

Of course Luongo would wanna play for his hometown team. What player doesn't?

I'm sure he's well aware that they have Price and he isn't going anywhere.

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You guys are spinning this way out of proportion.. All Lalji said was Luongo wants to go to Montreal. I'm pretty sure both parties know that won't ever happen but Lalji is just reporting what he's heard from Luongo's camp.

Seriously, do I need to pump all your tires?

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