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Just wondering what you think! Answer, before you shoot! Deadline trade.


Columbus: 3 - 2013 1st rounders

1 - 2013 2nd rounder

Vancouver: Luongo (5.333,333)

Edler (5.000,000)

Existing Cap: .......$69,500,000

Minus Trade........-$10,333,333

New Team Cap....$59,166,667

2013-2014 Cap....$64,300,000

Minus New Cap...$59,166,667

New Cap space.....$5,133,333

Trade: Schroeder -($1,025,000)

for Pick at deadline What is he worth???

Ballard -($3,000,000)

at deadline to Detroit, Florida, Ottawa, NY Islanders, Phili for Backup Goalie

Higgins -($1,000,000)

at deadline to Montreal, Toronto, Wash, ???? for Defenseman

Gone: Maholtra -($2,500,000)


Resign: Raymond $2,750,000 + ($525,000)

Hansen $3,000,000 + (1,650,000)

New Contract: Burrows $4,500,000 + (2,500,000)


New Possitive cash flow:- $5,133,333

- $7,525,000




Cash Available $7,983,333

for free agents

Then I go after RFA's : Zach Bogozian ( Winnipeg) Current Salary $2,500.000

Defensemen Alex Pietrangelo (St.Louis) Current Salary $3,166,666

(Just One) Ryan McDonagh ( NYR) Current Salary $1,300,000

Kevin Shattenkirk (St.Louis)Current Salary $1,300,000

Karl Alzner ( Wash) Current Salary$1,285,000

Marcus Johansson ( Wash ) Current Salary $900,000

Travis Hamomic (NYI) Current Salary $875,000

Gotta resign Tanev( Currently at $900,000) and a third line Center

This is a bit much, but that's my dream............lol..............too much time on my hands!

This leaves us with 4 first rounders and 2 seconds, plus what ever Schroeder gets us in picks( 1-2nd and 1-3rd) , in the 2013 Draft, we can't miss that many times can we????? Do we keep them all?

PS.........use one of the picks on a top ranked goalie

Don't take this so seriously and have some fun with it!

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Alex Pietrangelo and McDonagh are the only RFA's I would go after but it would take a huge offersheet for STL or NYR to not match, more than 7.9 million for STL not to match(they have like 34 million in cap to sign all UFA AND RFA and they have a lot).

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-So bottom line is you have almost $8,000,000 to spend on UFA's or RFA's to pick up a top D-man and a Third/ 2nd line Center and give Tanev a raise. How you choose to spend it is your buisness.

- And you have 4 - 1st, 3-2nds, and 2-3rds in the 2113 Draft

-Does that sound bad?????? The 4 first came from Columbus, LA, NYR and our own.

The 3 2nds came from Columbus, Our own, and for Schroeder

The 2 3rds came from Our own and for Schroeder

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