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Ebbett and Schroeder... thoughts so far?


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I'm glad these two are finally performing well and contributing lately, but when Kesler comes back I would prefer to have Schroeder kept in the lineup over Ebbett. They both give us good options as of right now, but would you still pursue a legit 3rd line center to solidify the middle position. Or do you put your faith in the rookie Schroeder to get'r done.

If we can land a top 6 forward like Jagr, we could spread out our offense and move Burrows to the second line. Raymond Kesler and Burrows were a lethal combination in the playoffs a while back.

My playoff lineup

Sedin Sedin (Jagr) :rolleyes:

Raymond Kesler Burrows

Higgins Schroeder Hansen

Weise Lapierre Kassian

(Sestito Ebbett Pinizzotto)

Gordon Jensen Booth

Hamhuis Garrison

Edler Bieksa

Ballard Tanev

(Barker Alberts Vandermeer)



DEEP!!! :emot-parrot:

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besides that one game that Ebbet got his 3 points, he's been pretty bad. Turns the puck over so easily and is very slow to be a 5"8 centre with no physical game. He's not very good on the PK even though AV keeps putting him on there. I would rather not see him play just so AV can't put the guy on PK. Canyou imagine come playoffs the Chicago's PP with Ebbett killing it? You know AV's dumb enough to do it too.

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I'm sorry I would love Kassian to make it to the top line but he just doesn't have the consistent game yet........definitely not the way he is playing just now. He is lucky to get a spot at all.

I would rather put Kesler with the Sedins if we need a big body.

I would stick Burrows on the third and keep the Raymond - Schroeder - Hansen line on 2nd

Sedin - Sedin - Kesler

Raymond - Schroeder - Hansen

Higgins - Lapierre - Burrows

Weise - Pinizzotto - Ballard/Kassian

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Sedin - Sedin - Kassian

Higgins - Kesler - Burrows

Raymond - Schroeder - Hansen

Sestito - Lapierre - Pinizzotto




Edler - Bieksa

Hamhuis - Garisson

Ballard - Tanev






I realize Weise will never be a scratch on this roster while AV is the coach, but he's pretty interchangeable with Pinizzotto at the moment anyways. Unless we see more from either before PO's start. Not sure if those top two D pairings are accurate or not. They always seem to be changing. It would be nice if Garisson could play comfortably and effectively on the right side in a pairing with Edler. Reuniting the Hammer - Juice pairing would be great. But either way, we need pairings set and playing well together before Game 1. If Kassian can play like he did with the Sedins at the start of the season then that line is a no brainer. Hell, I would even consider Burrows on the 3rd line and moving Hansen up (although that Schroeder line seems to have some authentic chemisty together). Burrows plays hungrier the further he gets dropped.

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Schroeder has been pretty solid. The production hasn't been consistent, but it will come. He needs more time. He's at least been fairly reliable defensively, which is a big plus. Ebbet is the kind of player who shouldn't be in the lineup unless there are injuries.

Healthy playoff lineup:

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Booth - Kesler - Kassian

Raymond - Schroeder - Hansen

________ - Lapierre - Weise


The gap is hopefully for a left-hand faceoff option at the deadline. I'm hoping for Goc. Then we can use the Goc/Lapierre unit as the primary shutdown/defensive zone faceoff line.

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