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discussion-our trade philosophy/needs

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I think one thing thats missing in this organization is depth on the farm of players that can step in and fill our third and fourth line roles.

I think this year it will be increasingly difficult to pull off trades to fill a hole that we need which is another top six forward that will put us over the top.

On this board we continually recycle ideas about line combos particularly our second line. Thats because we dont have a clear idea of who should be on it!! In my opinion thats because we have to many guys that can barely fill that role and not enough that can CLEARLY fill that role. booth hansen raymond higgins are all guys that i like but none of them are bonifide second line players. even kassian is questionable on the second line.

my idea would be to purge this team of its duplication of players that are fulfilling the same roles, combine it with whatever we can get for one of our goalies -preferably in the form of draft picks and market that. it is allot easier to trade for picks than it is to try and trade player for player imo to fill our specific role. then we will have an excess of picks plus our own picks to go after a bonifide top six forward from an team not making a run.

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