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[Speculation] Myers on the block?


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Saw this on HFboards

When someone writes that Tyler Myers’ name is “out there” for a trade, it speaks to the bloody carcass that are the Buffalo Sabres, with the vulture circling. But not necessarily a desire to move him.

It’s hard to imagine GM Darcy Regier actively shopping Myers; it’s equally hard to imagine Regier would be allowed to make such a deal as what we all assume (hope?) is a lame duck GM.

Yet here’s Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal, puttin’ it out there:

“What’s happened to this guy? He’s six-foot-eight, he can move the puck. He doesn’t look anything like the player of a couple of years ago,” said one former NHL coach who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Myers is a shell of his former Calder-winning self. His play is better than it was early in the season, but it’s only a ‘C’ on most report cards. His name is certainly out there for trade, but with six years and $33 million left on his deal, he’s a financially risky pickup.

That said, the same former NHL coach stated, “I’m sure 29 other teams would like to take a run at him, figuring he just needs to be somewhere else. You know how it is.”

As Dave Davis notes, Myers has turned his season around after a rocky start. That might just be the Ron Rolston Effect, of course.

I like Myers. I like him at $5.5 million against the cap. But sometimes contracts cement reputations, and setting Myers as a franchise cornerstone might not have been the best move for either the player or the Buffalo Sabres.

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I'm actually not surprised with someone mentioning he might be traded. He's been playing so bad, you hear Sabres fan say "you can have him for free" of course being sarcastic, but it gives you an idea how bad hes been playing, and how frustrated Sabres fans think of him.

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the difference is Edler hasn't been playing bad he's on pace for 46 points on a team that has struggled scoring. Sure he's been off defensively but we need his offense from the blue line more than his defense

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