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[Discussion] Value of Derek Morris

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I think Derek Morris would be a great pickup for the Canucks.

Why Phoenix Trades Him:

As we all know, Phoenix is a cash-strapped team, and they are quickly falling out of the playoff race. Thus, it's likely that they'll explore off-loading some of their veteran contracts. They already have 5 defenseman under contract for next season, all of whom are younger than Morris. They also have a lot of depth at the position in the minors. Rundblad, Gormley and Stone will all challenge for a regular spot next year, and all will be cheaper than Morris.

Why Vancouver Wants Him:

It is well known that we could use a right-handed d-man. At 34, Morris is still a quality contributor. He plays over 20 minutes a night (as he has for virtually his entire career) and his possession numbers are strong, albeit in not very tough minutes. He is a versatile player who can play on the powerplay, and is averaging almost two shots on goal a game this season, which is very strong for a defenseman. Most importantly, he is signed to a very reasonable cap hit and term - 2.75 million for this year and next. That is well below market value for an above average 2nd or 3rd pairing defenseman. He would help our team this year without hurting our cap situation next year, and he isn't a rental.

What's He Worth

Douglas Murray just went for 2 2nd round picks. That's where the market is at for D-men right now. I think their value is probably similar, although Morris is older. Ideally he could be acquired for a 3rd round pick and a B prospect (similar to the Higgins trade) but I would probably be willing to bump that to a 2nd round pick.

Also, in this scenario we would be moving Ballard in a separate deal, so we could potentially use any assets acquired in that deal to trade for Morris.

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I have always liked Morris .. he has enough of a mean streak that forwards have one eye over their shoulder when trying to crowd the crease .. would make an excellent addition .. means we have to move a left side guy .. Edler for Ott?

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