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Toh decisions

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It is not a question of whether we trade Luongo, buy out Booth, trade Kesler, etc, etc. The question is what is best for the Vancouver Canucks franchise as a whole. The answers don't lay with us the fans, but rather with ownership and Mike Gillis.

Decisions are based on best guess senerios, scouting, how that matches up with other teams ownerships cash flow, player needs, position in the standings, talent pool, etc., etc, etc.

Really, in the big picture, we know nothing, we only have opinions that aren't worth a plug nickle.

I have questions really, and darn if I can really answer them. Remember, early in the year, when the rumour was Luongo to Toronto for Kadri, Bozak and ?. Everyone said, no way, Luongo is worth more, we want the first rounder too! Ahhh! Hind sight is 20/20! LOL I wonder if there was even really any offer, or was it just rumour? No one knows, except MG and a select few.

Anyways, on to my questions

1.Could it not be better to keep Luongo, that 3 years ago was the goalie we wanted forever. Has his talent deminished, or stayed close to the same level, yes he is older, yes his talent has dropped, but not much, and not enough to say he is not a good goalie still. My guess is he will stay at this level for 3 or more years.

2. Is it better long term to trade Scheider for a roster player and picks.Which would be better? I don't friggin know. I love Cory, he is better now, and will certainly be better over the next 5 to 7 years. Can we draft a second rounder and develope him in 3 years? Will Lack or Cannata ever be a solid #1 ?

3. What about Edler, is it worth trading him for a different type of defenceman and picks.Is this the year to make changes that allow us to stay competitive for years? We certainly can't be trading picks, and we don't have enough prospects to be giving those away.

I am not sure I am willing to trade a failed run at the cup for 10 years of mediocrity?(sp)? Just not sure I could take that, because the core players are getting old!

4. Why not have Kesler, be a defensive center, and play 1st power play unit???Just wondering why we put all the preasure on him, when he was so successful doing that a couple of years ago. Didn't he win a trophy or something that year????

So, despite all the flaming that goes on here, I enjoy the knowledge, conjecture, guessing, arguing, and dreaming that is done here.

Just want to point out that as soon as I get an answer on here, I come up with another question.......for those that hated Bourke, Nonnis, and now Gillis. Man, it isn't easy, unless your using your hidesight. Cause it has to be tough! No use flaming me, cause as much as I know, I don't!

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You are simply making up some of these "tough decisions"....some of them don't even exist

The only two tough decisions we have right now is what to do with Luongo (NOT what to do with Schneider) and whether to go all in this year or stand pat at the deadline

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1 I used to say keep Lu, but now from a strctly business point of view I think we have to trade Lu. Coreys contract has more value

2. corey is the new #1 goalie ...this is comin from a Lu fan..... Trade Lu. to much drama already

3. no keep edler he is worth 5 million and he cant be replaced. just get rid of ballard. rather have tanev + unknown as bottom 6

4. I agree. He scores more when hes fore checking , back checking and creating turnovers

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