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All trade talks aside. What would be the term and salary teams would be willing to pony for for an UFA goaltender with the following profile:

33 year old

3 All Star appearance

Starter for Olympic Gold medal winning team

Averaging 66 games a year

Career 2.52 GAA and 0.919 Save %

62 career shut out

Yes, it is Luongo's career stats...but this is not another one of those threads.

More interested in finding out what he would command in the open market IF he is bought out and becomes an UFA. How high would the bidding get and how much term/salary could he expect?

Edit: To make things even mire interesting, would you include a proposed extension for said goalie to act as a backup/mentor after the expiry of the first contract?

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I'll go first.... Assuming that top goalies decline sharply at around 37, I would go as high as a 4 year term at $6 million.

Ryan Millar (32) is at $6.25 million (6.25 average)

Fleury (28) is at $5.5 million (5 average)

Cam Ward (29) is at $6.4 million (6.3 average)

Cary Price (25) is at $5.5 million (6.5 average)

Peka Rinne (30) is at $7 million (7 average)

Bryzgalov (32) is at $6.5 million (5.6 average)

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I would say that even the most talented goalies would cease to be effective as a backup by 39-40 (Brodeur being the obvious exception). So I'll say 2 years at $1.5 million per.

You just killed your thread.

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Cory will be traded before Lu is bought out by the Canucks. That being said, Cory is not going to be traded. Lu will be traded and there's a strong possibility that will take place before Wednesday.

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