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[Proposal] Deadline Trades

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While some CDCers seem to think we should blow up our prospect pool to go all in this year (like the Penguins), I believe that we should do our best to compete in the playoffs by making these deadline deals, which does not destroy our future.

Trade #1: Canucks - Maple Leafs

Canucks Acquire:

- C, Jay McClement

- D, Jesse Blacker

- TOR 1st Round Pick (conditional*)

Maple Leafs Acquire:

- G, Roberto Luongo

- VAN 4th Round Pick

* If Toronto reaches the 2nd round of this year's playoffs, the pick is a 1st rounder. If they do not, the pick becomes a 2nd rounder.


The Leafs are not keen on giving up Tyler Bozak, so we settle for a more defensive center in McClement who is also good on the dot. Blacker is a solid defensive prospect (http://www.hockeysfu.../jesse_blacker/). The condition on the pick makes it so that it is either in the bottom 10 selections of the first round or top half of the 2nd round.

Vancouver trades Luongo, who can help Toronto in the playoffs (and for the next nine years lol). They also get Vancouver's 4th round pick.

Trade #2: Canucks - Panthers

Canucks Acquire:

- G, Scott Clemensen

- C. Jerred Smithson

- D, Tyson Strachan

Florida Panthers Acquire:

- D, Patrick McNally

- D, Derek Joslin

- VAN 3rd Round Pick

- VAN 5th Round Pick


The Canucks get a solid backup for Schneider, plus two depth parts for a playoff run. Smithson, a BC boy, is good on faceoffs and can play both center and wing. Stachan, is a solid #7 dman who could step in on the bottom pair if injuries occur.

The Panthers receive two defensive prospects for the future plus a 3rd round pick. This will help their rebuilding process.

Lines (current):

D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Burrows

Raymond - Schroeder - Hansen

Higgins - McClement - Kassian

Pinizzotto - Lapierre - Smithson

Hamhuis - Garrison

Edler - Bieksa

Strachan - Tanev



Injuries: Kesler, Booth, Ballard, Malhotra, Weise

Scratches: Sestito, Ebbett, Alberts, Barker

Lines (healthy):

D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Burrows

Booth - Kesler - Raymond

Higgins - McClement - Hansen

Weise - Lapierre - Kassian

Hamhuis - Garrison

Edler - Bieksa

Ballard - Tanev



Scratches: Smithson, Strachan, Alberts, Barker, Pinizzotto, Ebbett, Sestito, Schroeder


Flame away!

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Meh, I'd rather trade some lesser assets we'll have trouble keeping for picks since it's a sellers market right now. That could be Ballard and Raymond (and Booth if we can, probably more likely in the summer), but also some redundant depth players replaceable by youth or UFAs (any of Alberts, Barker, Ebbett, Gordon, Sweatt, Rodin, Joslin, Vandermeer, etc). Some of the depth players aren't worth much if at all but if we get even a low draft pick, we might be able to move those at the draft to upgrade a little and we could get reasonable picks from teams at the deadline for Ballard and Raymond.

Doing that, we can free up contract spots as a result and look at another college UFA or two (Laganiere, Taker?) and look to promote younger players to get some experience before the season next year. I don't think we have it all together at this point to really compete despite likely making the playoffs even after some deals like the above. Time for a quick retool - partly due to cap considerations and partly to build on our prospect pool.

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