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A Proposal For The Forseeable Future(2-3 Games) - Fixing the PP


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DISCLAIMER: This is not an April Fool's joke.


It's no secret that the success of our team in recent years has been through a working PP. Currently, it isn't working. I suggest we try Sestito with the Sedins, Edler and Garrison.

Your reaction: "What?!" "Crazy!" "Go back to bed!" etc.

But hear me out:

With the way our first PP is molded, we have two hard shooters in Edler and Garrison and two amazing passers in the twins. What we're missing though is a strong, BIG, body presence to open space for our passers and our shooters and create havoc around the net. In the absence of Ryan Kesler, who provide provided the strong body presence, we've had to try guys like Burrows and Hansen that, while they work hard and add feorcity and grit to win puck battles on the PP, simply aren't making it tough enough for goalies and defenceman and allowing for our guys to score.

At 6'5, Sestito is a big man that likes to play physical and wants to contribute offensively. By adding Sestitio on the powerplay, defenders have the assignment of trying to contain him while he pushes them around, screens the goalie, and tries to open space. With one defender worrying about Sestito, that leaves the Sedins, Edler and Garrison available with more room to cycle it around before shooting or even trying to connect with Sestitio in the front.

Take a look at all four(LOL) of his goals. All of them come from being in front of the net.


At this point, our PP isn't working and that's an issue our team needs to solve. Long-term we have a guy like Kesler and maybe even Kassian, but for now, trying Sestitio is mostly risk free. If it works, great. If not, no harm done to something that wasn't functioning.

Your thoughts?


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I see your point. Big bodies in front of net works. He's a big body. Really there is no harm in trying anything and everything at this point. Nothing is working. If it fails it wont look any different from how it has. I doubt he will ever get the nod for PP time though. I don't know why but seeing Elder on the point with Garry just bothers me. They are both looking for one timers but neither set the other up. I think Tanev needs some PP time with either Elder or Garry. I also half liked danny on the point cause he would set up the one timer. But he's really better suited off the point. I'm up for them trying anything at this point though. That and shooting the puck more, better to have shots on net and they just get saved then them just cycling the puck around get it knocked out and then starting from their own end and struggling to reset. But I don't know. Maybe they are playing the "loser" card going into playoffs so they don't have all the pressure to live up to what they did in the regular season and will pull a rabbit out of a hat and light it up ! ahh I think I've gone off the deep end. :) Better I not go in the water when I can't swim.

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You just want to see that guy from yesterday have to buy a Sestito jersey.

This just made me laugh! I want that too, so, yes put him on the PP! It's April fools. Fool around with the PP and don't take it seriously and maybe something will happen. Go with the least likely of people on the first unit ! sestito-lappy-?pinny tanev-alberts ! (did you see how often alberts was joining the rush agaisnt the Oilers). It could work !

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