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your Vancouver dream team


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Who would your vancouver dream team be you can use any player that has ever played for vancouver.

This is mine.

D.sedin H. sedin bure

naslund Linden syml

bertuzzi sundin morrison

burrows kesler tanti

ohlund salo (when healthy)

jovanovski lumme

lidster ehrhoff



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Guest Dasein

EVER played and none of you guys have Mogilny, Larionov and Messier? That's messed up. And that guy above with 2011 line up with Tanner Glass...Just give your head a shake, man. Like, come on.

Mogilny - Larionov - Bure

Gradin - Sundin - Naslund

Bertuzzi - Messier - Kesler

D Sedin - H Sedin - Linden


Hamhuis - Jovanovski

Ohlund - Salo

Edler - Ehrhoff




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Sedin - Sedin - Linden

Larionov - Mogilny - Bure

Naslund - Morrison - Bertuzzi

Burrows - Kesler - Hansen

Lumme - Salo

Edler - Ohlund

Hamhuis - Ehrhoff



Anyone whoever puts Messier in their line up for their Vancouver "dream team" should be banned forever.

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Mogilny - Larionov - Bure

Naslund - Linden - Bertuzzi

Sedin - Sedin - Tanti

Fraser - Gradin - Smyl

Tiger Williams (enforcer)

Ohlund - Jovo

Verveagart - Babych

Edler - Hamhuis

Snepsts (5-6 situational)


Luongo (on a very short leash)


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Sedin - Sedin - Bure

Naslund - Sundin - Bertuzzi

Mogilny - Linden - Kesler

Odjick - Morrison - Burrows

(Extra: Ronning, Smyl)

Ohlund - Jovanovski

Edler - Salo

Hamhuis - Bieksa

(Extra: Ehrhoff, Lumme)



(Extra: Schneider)

NOTE: I leave Messier out because he sucked ass on this team! lol

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