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Still an outside chance of Edmonton or Columbus getting in but I think it's most likely we face one of these 5 in the first round. Who do you think we would match up best against?

I pesonally don't want to face any one of these teams in the first round lol, but I would love to get revenge on the Kings

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St. Louis or the post deadline San Jose Sharks.

The Minnesota Wild have a great core of forwards and a very underrated defense, and of course a successful veteran in Backstrom, but I feel we could beat these guys.

We've struggled against the Wings, so I don't want to play them, although I've always wanted to match up against them.

Los Angeles is a very strong team, and I wouldn't want to risk injuries this soon in the playoffs.

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While running the risk of sounding like a homer, I think the Canucks match-up fairly well against most of the teams in the top 8. I'd love to play Chicago even despite their stellar year so far and I think the team really steps up against Anaheim, Detroit and San Jose.

Minnesota I'm rather undecided but given how the series went the last time these two clubs matched up in the playoffs, I think this is due for a good showdown.

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