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[proposal] Win-Van

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Watching the jets game, makes me think about how they need a goalie to compete in any other division than SE.

My proposal is

To Vancouver

Pavelic 4 more years at 3.9

Trouba high potential Right Handed Shutdown D Prospect.

To Win


You could add in some picks but the idea is canucks get a great RH shutdown Dmen prospect . They get Pavelic and could either keep him as an expensive backup or buy him out this summer.

Jets get a goalie that will steal them games for years to come as they move to the new Mid Western conference.


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He's being traded. Why is that so hard for you to understand? And he's being traded for these reasons

1) Schneider has won the starting job, is younger and has proven to be better

2) The cap is coming down

3) An overpayment can't be accepted, because that would mean cap would be coming back, so C+ - B- prospects and picks can only be accepted

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No need to be rude.

I don't like this deal for Winnipeg though. Pavelec is loved here and when professional scouts re-ranked the 2012 draft a month or so ago, Trouba was #4 overall, and only Ryan Murray was ahead of him for defencemen, who hasn't played this year due to a shoulder injury. Trouba isn't expected to be a shutdown D, when he went into the draft the general opinion on him was that he was the best all-around defenceman in the draft. He has a ridiculous shot and gets a ton of points. He's going to be a steal at #9 and honestly it's not a goalie we need, it is defence.

EDIT: When I say "we" I mean Winnipeg.

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