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Countdown to the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs - Last Northwest Division Champions ever!

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Continuing from my thread from last year...


There are nine games left until the end of the regular season, consisting of 18 days left.

Currently, the Canucks are positioned to be matched up against division rivals, the Minnesota Wild.

During the season, the Canucks have gone 2-2-0 against Minnesota. Other possible candidates for the 6th seed include the San Jose sharks - whom the Canucks have gone 0-2-1 against this year, the Phoenix Coyotes - whom the Canucks have gone 2-1-0 against this year, the St. Louis Blues - whom the Canucks have gone 1-0-1 against this year, and the Detroit Red Wings, who the Canucks are 0-2-0 against.

The Canucks are also projected to be fully healthy near the end of the first round, or (if they make it), the beginning of the second round. That would make the line-up as follows:










The challenge ahead is greater than ever - and this is the best year for the Canucks to go all the way. Many obstacles lie ahead... Can Vancouver prevail?


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...and just think it was what, 3- 4 months ago? - that most everyone was going to take a pass on this season, had a hate on for the players, and weren't going to spend a dime on merchandise or tickets etc. Crazy times indeed.

You lookin' good in that Roy (baby!) jersey.

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I'm actually over it now. I still dislike Boston, and really wish the Canucks won the Cup that year, but I look back on it as a fond memory now. Thems was good times thems was.

Pumped for some playoff hockey! Shortened season, guys are going to be more fresh and just as pumped as usual. It should be an entertaining postseason all across the league.

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Hate to say it, but the Canucks are peaking at the right time and we've got all the tools to win a Cup. Our depth is definately top-5 in the league, but if we're going to win the cup we need:

1) Powerplay to step up and perform like we know it can (and is starting to with Kesler back)

2) Hamhuis and Edler to get back to playing the way they did last season

3) Raymond and Hansen to continue their regular season play and not disappear in the playoffs

4) No injuries

5) A goalie has to stand on his head

The only way we get booted this season is if a bigger, more physical team pushes us around again or we run into a hot goalie. We still desperately lack size so hopefully we can skate miles around teams and beat them with speed and scoring. The recipe for success the last 2 years has been to break opponents down physically and finish them off with skilled scoring, but hopefully in a condensed season speed and skill will prevail.

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