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Ott on Sabres fans

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It's your right to boo, but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous and stupid.

As a supporter of the team, would you not think you'd do more good trying to encourage and inspire the boys to play better?

As an example, the Vancouver Whitecaps allow fewer goals when defending in the Southside (the supporter's section) and score more goals when attacking in the South end of the field. Do you think that's merely a coincidence?

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happens everywhere. the jets have been booed before, but the difference between us and them is we don't have players who call out the fans like how ott, and to a lesser extent, carey price when the habs had that slow start last year or so. i could only think of, i think it was kesler who mentioned the crowd but nothing more then the team started playing better. When the jets got booed i think it was andrew ladd who came out and said, they're right, we have to put in a better effort for them

it's pretty simple, if your team is putting in a weak effort and you're getting booed, you shouldn't be thinking of the crowd. that's what professionals do, zone out the fans and focus on why your team is playing like crap. times are changing and people are changing-- becoming less patient on what product they're watching

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