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[Report] Howard and Wings close to an extention

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That's basically my thoughts. I would have expected a 3 year deal with increasing salary - maybe something like $4/4.5/5M each year. If he's earned it after that, then he gets the payday. If not, then they aren't stuck with it.

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Aaron Ward@aaronward_nhl 2m

Sounds like Detroit Red Wings and Jimmy Howard are on the verge of coming to terms on a 6 year deal paying in the range of 5.3 M per #TSN

I would have thought he would have gotten less years, but I guess Detroit can't afford to lose any more Free Agents right now.

This also begs the question:

Who would you rather have? Luongo at 5.3 for 9 more years or Howard at 5.3 for 6 more years?

Kevin Gibson@TSNResearch 5m

@aaronward_nhl so essentially same cap hit as Luongo

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