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Has anyone ever heard of or followed this league? According to Wikipedia is one of two mid-level professional hockey leagues, the other being the ECHL. Has teams in several states including Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri. Next year will have a team from Brampton.

I have been watching the Wichita Thunder play for almost as long as I've been a Canucks fan. Team was garbage from 2006 until Kevin McClelland took over as head coach in 2010. Wichita is currently at 7-0 in the playoffs riding Torrie Jung of BC.

Wichita boasts a good number of BC-born players in Torrie Jung(g), Grant Rollheiser(g), Kevin Young(d), Matt Robinson(f), and Dustin Donaghy(f). Also the current home of Aaron Boogaard and former Worchester Shark Erick Lizon.

If any of you are state side and have a chance to check out some of these teams, it's always a good time and not horribly expensive. 33 dollars got me ice level, six seats from the opposing bench in the second round of the playoffs.

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My hockey coach who is 23 got cut from the Denver Cutthroats (goalie) due to the lockout this year. Several goalies just out of college came to tryout due to the lockout, and they didn't even let him tryout because of that.

Due to that, I don't like the league.

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