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Bieksa issues [May not be ready before playoffs]


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I personally find management's inconsistency regarding the reporting of injuries frustrating.

We are the fans, the supporters, the diehards. Tell us like it is. No more about face.

PS - if it is indeed a groin-issue, what's AV going to do? Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he swear on his daughters that it wasn't. Dilemma...

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I feel like they haven't learned anything with injuries. AV is the type of coach that throws his players right back into tough minutes as soon as they're medically cleared.

And all that does is make sure the player is only able to play at 70% the whole season because they're never fully healed.

A groin injury is not something you just play through. If not healed properly, it will nag a player all season.

Even with Tanev after he got hit and twisted his ankle, they let him play the rest of the game. What's the point? They probably made his injury even worse by doing that. I feel like this team is way too short-sighted when it comes to these things. Winning now doesn't matter if it hurts our chances to win when it matters.

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last year daniel got injured and this year tanev and bieksa ..now I wonder how av will adjust his lineup from previous experience..

remember last year after we got knocked out of playoffs and Av said something along those line like if medical department told

properly about danny's situation he could have adjust lineup differently.. So now he knows bieksa won't be in the lineup for possible

first 2 games I wonder how he will adjust the lineup. I don't won't him to make any excuse like we didnt have healthy team. I hope kevin speedy recovery we will definitely miss him.

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Was it THAT hard for Gillis to simply acquire a #7, 8 RH-D for depth? If so, it would suggest the league's 29 gms sincerely hate him.

If they'd acquired 1 more for depth, & HE got injured, well that'd be understandable. But this situation is bloody well UNACCEPTABLE! Half this board were ranting about such a necessity, pre-deadline. gillis failed here.

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