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Bieksa issues [May not be ready before playoffs]


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So now that we know the injury is a hip flexor, could the AV haters drop the idea that he was forcing Kevin to play through a groin injury?

If he's skating again, that is really a good sign.

"Hip flexor injuries are broken into three categories. First degree strains are minor tears to the muscle or tendon and can be recovered from quickly. Second degree strains are partial tears and will require up to a few weeks of rest, followed by rehabilitation. Third degree strains are complete tears that require more significant rest and physical therapy. Third degree strains are rare."

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100% AV

hodgson complains about a bad back av's response he fine and he should suck it up later has back surgery and misses the better part of the next season.

kesler this season AV he looks good he should be back right now but its up to him. recovering from offseason shoulder and wrist surgery

juice down with groin injury comes back to early get sidelined again.comes back again and once again is sidelined.

some blame must fall on the players but lot goes to the coaching staff and incompetence of the trianing and medical staff to correctly identify issues. its been a problem under AV since he came in.

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