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What Needs To Happen For Us to Play LA/SJ/STL/Min


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I know this is pointless but I'm bored so whatever.

St.Louis vs Chicago

L.A plays vs San Jose

Minnesota vs Edmonton

Minnesota vs Colorado

St.Louis: 58pts and 23 ROW

L.A : 57pts and 24 ROW

San Jose : 57pts and 17 ROW

Minnesota: 53pts and 21 ROW

In order for us to play St.Louis:

1. St.Louis must lose against Chicago.

2. San Jose must beat L.A in overtime.

This would make the standings:

San Jose 59 pts --- 17 ROW

L.A 58 pts --- 24 ROW

St.Louis 58 pts ---23 ROW

In order for us to play San Jose:

1. San Jost must lose. (Doesn't matter how)

In order for us to play L.A:

1. If L.A loses in regulation we play them.

2. If L.A gets 1 point in the loss the. St.Louis must get at least a point.

In order for us to play Minnesota:

1. Minnesota wins both

2. L.A beats SAn Jose in regulation

So basically what I have concluded after my in depth analysis ... haha its that we likely play San Jose and I'm happy about that!

EDIT: Forgot about Minnesota.

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I'd rather play MIN/LA/SJ/STL in that order

LA, we know what Quick is capable of.

SJ, they have Torres, we all know he likes to play on/a bit over the edge .... and Niemi's been pretty good this year

STL will just beat us up too much IMO and destroy our cup run in the long run

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