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Playoff beards and other superstitions 2013

King Heffy

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Or any other superstitions you're going to be observing. Just had my last shave until after we're eliminated, and I'm switching to a different brand of beer after every loss.

I'll be editing this post to add people's responses.


AV's Replacement (also switching brands of beer after losses and rocking Burrows jersey)


Steven Stamkos

FinnNuck (also waking up in the middle of the nigt to watch the games)

Mr. White


vancityvi11an (also rocking the dnaiel jersey and drinking heineken)





5Fivehole0 (also not washing jersey)

Nino (blame him if we lose after he shaves)

Mad Cow Disease (also Kesler jersey on game days)

Mattias Ohlund (Also unwashed Kassian jersey, Canucks hat and shirts, and won't stop watching any game)

Canucks141 (also Kesler jersey with 2011 Finals patch on game days)

*vInTaGe* (also rocking flying V jersey game days after work)

a Fool

Duda (also unwashed jersey, only BC beer in blue, green, or white mugs), volume set to a Canuck number, and posting pics mocking opponents on game day)

-Vintage Canuck-

WEwantCUP (also wearing same Canucks shirt until loss than switch)

klosetotheheart (also switching between 94 and current jersey depending on success with each, and praying in basement when things get tough. Also fighting fLames fans who will be chirping all playoffs long)

The Great Dane (also wearing alternate jersey every game day)

TheCanucksRock(possibly, also wearing Bieksa jersey)


nucks_rule1 (also no texting or facebook during games)

Pimp C

Gustavo Fring (Fu Manchu)

Garrett-6 (also green hat for home games and white hat for road games)


Kesheniel (also jersey on game days and praying if things get tough)

Cristophe (also switching Canucks shirts after losses)

The.Luongo1 (also wearing blue or green clothing on game days. No laundry until loss, and not eating the same meals on game days as long as we keep winning)

TigerWilliamsJr (also home jersey with white hat and scarf, drinking beer from a Canucks mug during games)

Canucksfan3322 (also Hank jersey for home games and Bieksa for road games)

PlayStation (also having everything in exact same spot before the games)



FattieAcid (Weber-style) also Canucks tshirt under Kassian jersey with a Johnny Canuck hat and raising hands during a powerplay

One one two

HaggisOBrien (Cliff Claven)

CmdrAdama (also no jersey washing)

canadaguy_25 (also wearing unwashed Luongo jersey during ghame days and playoff towels for him and the kids)


Cynrgee (no jersey washing)

Heretic won't shave on game day.,wear jersey on game day (diff jersey after loss), volume on amp set to 33

Kassinator wearing home Kassian jersey at home and away Bieksa jersey on the road

sh1ftg34r wearing unwashed Lapierre jersey every game

BertuzziFan2010 will swear at Luongo even if he's on the bench

westvamdude will be saying HALLELUJA during every power play until we score.

Everybody Hates Raymond wearing Linden jersey every game

ReaperCrew is rocking the downstairs beard.

ZephyrsSong won't be washing his Mason Raymond signed shirt

apollo will only shave before game one of any series, bought Canucks boxers to wear during every game until we lose the lead in a series.

Waren281 is ignoring his cousin

kilgore's avatar will wear a blue beard.

avelanch will be watching games with daughter, both wearing Canuck jerseys

thad will only hook up with extremely hot girls on game days (possible beard)

Gillyfluffball is buying a new playof shirt and a towel which she wil have with her for all games. Also alternating between Kes jersey and skate jersey (switch after losses)

Apples will be wearing H. Sedin jersy on game days

Noheart is drinking Okanagan Springs 1515 during games

aca11 won't shower

C750X won't manscape

kassians_fist will alternate canuck shirts on game days over lucky blue playoff bra.

menace will wear green Canucks hat and drink massive amounts of booze after every game

Ryan kesler the beast wearing jersey on game days

reversedplayoffbeard (shave as close to puckdrop as possible, waking up in middle of the the night)

VanIsleNuckFan wearing Canucks socks on game days (not washing if we win), and never predicting a series

bb83 will be choosing from a giant selection of Canucks jerseys every day.

Poetica is painting toes blue and green (also waving Canucks flag and twirling playoff towel after goals), Canucks flag on balcony must be right side front and Canucks pillow must be right side up during game days.

GreatSaveJasee is wearing Henrik Sedin shirt and blasting a combination of Gold on the Ceiling and Where the Streets Have No Name from iPod on gameday

Ghostof1915 wearing 1970 vintage #9 jersey


TruCanuck - but still wearing home jersey and blue hat for home games, away jersey and white hat on the road

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I think I'll rock a beard this year. I've never bothered before so maybe this year it will help sway the results in our favor. Anything's worth a try, right?

Also, the car flag wont go up until we've gotten beyond round 1, fingers crossed.

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Will probably grow a playoff beard for the first time.

Also, used to wake up in the middle of the night the season we went to the finals, and used to sleep in between periods.

Last season I just watched the recaps in the morning, and bad things happened.

This season I'll wake up in the middle of the night again to watch the games.

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