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Did the sell out streak come to an end after Game 1?


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So did the sell out streak come to an end after Game 1? Or did the team buy the tickets to keep it going? I know there were a bunch of tickets left on Ticketmaster and friends of mine that went said there were quite a few empty seats. Did they announce it a sell out?

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Nope, there were only about 200 tickets left a few hours before the game which apparently according to the Team 1040 came from the players pool of tickets(there are tickets saved for the players and their families each game) and the tickets that the players decide not to use can be sold to the public. And even if those 200 didn't get sold, it is still a sell out as a sell out doesn't mean that every single seat is sold. I believe it has to be within a percent of being 100% sold out.

Didn't really notice the empty seats you guys are talking about. And I'd love to see what Washington's prices are too. Our prices are so overpriced that it's ridiculous. Our cheapest ticket shouldn't be more than Toronto's.

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