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I told you guys who wanted goaltending depth by keeping two number one goalies; that it wouldn't help win the cup without scoring depth. All Stanley cup winning teams have 4 lines that can play and 3 lines that can score in the playoffs. You guys just want rag on Sedin and Edler but the obvious answer, even AV said it, is other guys need step up and score. otherwise how easy is it to shut down one line. Only idiots think its a 3 to 5 man game not a team game..

You look at Chicago now, they are out scoring the Wilds like crazy. Is it one line scoring all the goals?

First pp unit had a goal last game that's pretty much one produced goal in two games by the sedins. Keslers 5 on 5 goal was a gift from the Sharks and so was Bieska's. So really, there was only one goal generated by the Sedins and Kesler. It's a trend we saw in the short season the lack of scoring and goaltending winning games for the team.

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