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The REAL problem with this team.


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Although I try to avoid this message board, especially after playoff losses, I couldn't help but log in and see what the fans are saying. People are blaming everyone from the Sedins to the Coach, our playing style, and management. Now I am reading posts saying trade the Sedins or let them walk. Come on...

The REAL problem with this team dates back to two years ago. The Sedins led the league in scoring and had two 100 point seasons. The powerplay was the best and scored at will. We scored the most goals. We were exciting and fun to watch. High octane.

WHY did all of this stop?

Because we lost Christian Ehrhoff. He was here for 2 years. Our best two years.

I am not a huge fan of his, but you have to admit, ever since he left, our offence has dried up. The Sedins are back to where they were before he got here.

We could not score in the cup final either, but had no problems scoring before that. Besides other injuries to the team, the offence dried up when Ehrhoff hurt his shoulder. We couldn't score anymore.

The issue with this team is not the coach or the twins. It's that we never re-signed/replaced Ehrhoff. We need a puck moving defenseman. This problem falls on the shoulders of management.

I am a huge Gillis fan, but unfortunately, management ultimately failed when they did not address this issue adequately.

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There are two real problems:

1) that 0.5 second between the regular season pace and playoff pace makes a huge difference in how the canucks play. The canucks don't have a higher gear while most teams do. I do not consider them a fast team relative to most of their opposition. This makes them look better than they are.

2) canucks cup run year was a year where they played teams that lost depth due to poor salary cap management. In that year though despite the competitive advantage they still almost lost to the hawks in 7 games and spent too much time screwing around against the preds. That advantage is gone because the other teams figured out how to build their teams in the new NHL.

Gillis and AV look better than they really are. I would say especially AV because there's no freakin way the canucks should have lost so badly to the hawks. Even in that year's regular season he was uptight about resting players. That uptight nature carries through to the team plus the ego they get for having regular season success makes them feel they are contenders when they really aren't. I'd say a good coach would make a massive difference plus adding some better offensive players.

Ehrhoff sucked against the bruins in game 7 of the cup run year and was too soft. It's really top down management/coaching that's the issue.

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Don't agree, Sami is the one who's missed more than anyone. Ehrhoff had blunders and could be very disinterested at times...sure, at times, he was awesome but there wasn't consistency that you could rely on.

I believe the poor officiating during our run really had this team question themselves and left a feeling of hopelessness that completely deflated them for a time. If you can't fire back and others are allowed to subject you to the humiliation and cheap shots without any chance to retaliate (because the theme was "NO, you're not allowed"), it's a little demoralizing.

They have taken awhile to deal with the mental blows and devastation....you lack energy and incentive when you feel defeated. I relate it to a PTS type thing.

They're getting older and I think it's hard for them to find that drive again...they're not young, eager guys and the brotherhood that they were - they're fathers and focuses change a bit. But I also don't think they're done just yet.

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Sedins/Burrows of 2011 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>2013;

Samuelsson >>>>> Kassian;

Edler 2011>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2013;

Salo >>>>>>>Corrado

Hansen 2011<<<<Hansen 2013

Bieksa 2011>>>>>>2013

Funny how the team was supposed to have gotten bigger, but we seem to be about the same size as we were 2 years ago. We're older and slower than we were in 2011. Not a good thing when you supposed to be a puck possession team. Malhotra is missed, even though he didn't play much in 2011 playoffs after his eye injury. To a man, the 2011 team played better than the 2013 team...must be that elusive extra 5% that Hank was referring to.

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Not to pick on the OP, but so many threads today all about people who think they know how to run this team better than the people paid to do it. Everyone has to have their say because they're frustrated. Know what I did because I was frustrated? I got outside and took the dogs for a long, long walk in the nice weather.

Then I came back to relax and found the board is just as crazy as when I checked last night and again this morning. Nothing we do will change the outcome of this series, so let's just all relax.

As far as Ehrhoff, Gillis offered him a deal similar to Bieksa's and he didn't take it. That's not our fault. Should we throw a bigger deal at him like he's the be all and end all of this team? Nope, not a chance.

I think I'll go back outside.

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