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The Presence of Recent Top Draft Picks on Cup Winners - and the Canucks lack thereof


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Top 5 Canucks draft picks

#2 Dale Talon

#3 Jocelyn Guevremont

#3 Don Lever

#3 Denis Ververgaert

#4 Jere Gillis

#4 Bill Derlago

#5 Rick Vaive

#4 Jim Sandlak

#2 Trevor linden

#2 Petr Nedved

#4 Bryan Allen

#2 Daniel Sedin

#3 Henrik Sedin

Sucking for a long time & gaining top 5 draft picks is certainly no guarantee of later success.

I always think that anyone that ever suggests firing Gillis & a massive rebuild must not be old enough to remember the 15 consecutive losing seasons. (1976-1991)

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Hodgson's play is fine; albeit picked through the teeth by bitter Canuck fans. Yes I can pick 5 other guys from his 2008 draft year I would prefer as well. But who would not take Erik Karlsson, Justin Schultz, Jordan Eberle, Tyler Myers and Del Zotto above Bogosian and Luke Schenn picked 3 and 5 respectively that year either? Or Zack Boychuck, Fialatov and Kyle Beach who have been flops drafted in close proximity to Coho.

Drafted ahead of him only Stamkos, Doughty and Pietrangelo, perhaps Boedker are clearly preferable...

Well lets see how the Canucks respond. In the GDT after game 2 most have been looking for a sword to die on. Smashian suggested we held the play. I'm not sure I agree, but we certainly did not play bad.

I'd like to think we can rise to the example set by Kesler and come back. And I'll reserve final judgement until that is decided.

But 2 years ago I posted that we needed a better defender to lead us than we had in either Edler or Erhoff. I still believe that although I held out hope Edler could develop into that. But I'm getting near the end of my rope there.

My opinion is compounded by (as posted at beginning of this year) having added another fringe all star left D in Garrison (not bad if evaluated individually) rather than the puck moving / distributing right D we needed.

Drawing a summary from all this; lets talk probability theory?

Edler has the size, passing, shot and big hits to get people excited. But he lacks puck handling and speed to truly control the game. Or a consistent snarl and grit to his game, if compared to Willie Mitchell or even Alex Burrows? In short; he will never be the Norris candidate CDC was proclaiming was in his future last year. He will probably always be a fringe all star at his peak. Yet we rely on him for the biggest minutes and to captain our power play. Probability theory says we have too many indians and no chief on defence to win a cup?

While his value is high, and before any clauses from his new contract kick in; if we were to do a mini-rebuild I would trade Edler this summer. It uncorks the logjam we have of top end left D (even dismissing Ballard from the conversation). Combined with cap relief from Lou, we have all the tolls for a mini-rebuild right there!

An 8th ot 10th overall pick plus a serviceable player would be a reasonable haul and offer more cap relief. Rasmus Ristolainen or Ryan Pulock anyone?

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You can get a top draft pick by making bold moves. For example trading sedins, Lu or kesler during their peak years would of yielded top picks. Unfornately that's not going to happen ever since Gillis proclaims this team is close to a cup still. Also, the fact Lu's age and contract won't fetch a high draft

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Hodgson for Brendon Saad anyone?

Actually lets re-structure that (no sense on giving up on Kassian now); AV for Quenneville anyone???

Brandon Saad

team: Chicago

draft: 43rd overall 2011

size: 6'2" 211 lbs


points: 27 in 46 games

Awards: calder nomination

...the pain......

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