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Blow Up The Core, Fire AV, And More

The Magician

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Absolutely embarrassed watching the games these days. This team is built to barely hold on to 1 goal leads in the regualr season, and wins a majority of their games due to stellar goaltending. We all saw what happens when your goalie can't carry you through a game this series. The Sedins go invisible, Raymond puts on his Harry Potter invisible cloak, the scoring completely dries up, and AV comes out every period with different lines.

1. Fire AV - AV has no clue what he's doing. I know I wouldn't be a better coach than him, but as an NHL coach it's his job to get the guys ready for the game and settled down after a couple of soft goals. He throws Schneider in the playoffs after going 13 days without a game. Luongo was awsome the first 2 games so what are you doing? He comes out after the 2nd with Sedin Sedin Hansen, and the 3rd with Sedin Sedin Kassian.

2. Blow up the core - We have 21 goals in our last 15 playoff games. The majority of our roster is in their 30's, but we could make a quick rebuild with the assets we have. Keep Kesler, trade the Sedins, let Raymond walk, and trade Schneider (we will gain far much more for Schneider).

3. The wild card - Fire Gillis? I think Gillis has done a pretty good job acquiring Derek Roy and signing Jason Garrison. It's Vigneaults job to make sure they produce. Therefor, I think he is safe for now.


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