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The core issues: key changes and distractions

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All I see are questions. What happened? Who? Where? What? When?

What I can clearly see now is a couple keys factors that led us to where we are today, being down in the series 3-0.

Firstly the lack of offensive production, which tends to make life difficult for goalies and that's why people were wrongly thinking Luongo lost his game. Now it's been made a little more clear as to what the real issue is, mismanagement. After the Boston series Vancouver Canucks management clearly made a decision to ditch skill for grit and size. A good example is the Hodgson trade.

Did we really need to make such an adjustment after going to the finals? Well not in my opinion, but I can see why the team would make those changes. The problem to me is that our team had a formula that was working and then we changed it. Now it's not working.

Secondly and really this goes without saying. I'm extremely saddened with the way the goalie situation was handled. Luongo has been good about it but he was completely thrown under the bus and then the buss backed up over him. How do you have a guy lift your team up, make him captain, sign him to a huge contract, only to flip flop on him when the first hot young goalie comes up.

Management should have stuck to their guns and shopped Cory Schneider having been committed to Luongo. Unfortunately due to the knee jerk reaction and changes made after the Boston series we lost scoring production thus making it seem Luongo was no longer sufficient.

Not true but I can see how it could look that way.

So a series of errors and mismanagement has left us to where we are today. This has to be acknowledged by the team if we are to successfully move forward. Unfortunately after all the drama it would be very difficult to keep Luongo. We need to choose a direction and STICK WITH IT. Not stand in the doorway with one foot in and the other foot out.

I still believe we can win the series if the team first understands the problem. There is no denying that the goalie situation is a huge distraction. The only way to deal with it is to accept the truth because the more you fight that the problem doesn't exist, well the more that problem is going to hurt you.

Go Canucks go.

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