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6 players the Canucks miss.

Patrick Kane

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1. Christian Ehrhoff


Many haters will say Ehrhoff was a product of the Sedins. Well, yes, he was... sort of. He was the Canucks fastest, and best offensive defenseman.

Unfortunately he only played 2 seasons with the Canucks. His first season, he put up 14 goals and 30 assists. 44 points, +36, and averaged 22:47 per game. Won the Babe Pratt trophy as best defenseman of the team BOTH years he was here. Impressive. His second year, he once again potted 14 goals (consistency!) and notched 36 assists and 50 points. +19 and averaged 23:59 per game.

Huge blow to the Canucks defense and powerplay. For me, the biggest blow was the Sedins production. Heres their stats the two years Ehrhoff was playing on the team.


H.Sedin: 82gp/29g/83a/112pts

D.Sedin: 63gp:29g/56a/85pts


H.Sedin: 82gp/19g/75a/94pts

D.Sedin: 82gp/41g/63a/104pts

Wow! Some impressive numbers. Right after Ehrhoff leaves, the Sedins aren't even point per game players...

2. Mikael Samuelsson


Many people loathed Mikael Samuelsson. The way I looked at him, I saw a 50 point player on a cheap contract, who can step it up in the playoffs. In hindsight, Samuelsson ended up becoming oft-injured and barely serviceable but the same could be said about David Booth. The difference is, Canucks are stuck with Booth's contract, and Samuelsson perhaps would of walked, or let go by Gillis.

Regardless, Samuelsson was a supremely versatile player, had moments with the Sedins, provided good secondary scoring with Kesler, and was a good option on the powerplay. His playoff performance was outstanding, registering 15 pts in 12gp in 2009/10. His second year, he came into the playoffs on a slow start, and eventually injured. A poor showing with 3 pts in 11gp. Unfortunate that he couldn't return to the line-up, as perhaps he might of provided a small edge that would push the Canucks over Boston.

Heres what Samuelsson did in his short tenure in Vancouver:

2009/10: 74gp/30g/23a/53pts +10

2010/11: 75gp/18g/32a/50pts +8

2011/12: 6gp/1g/2a/3pts -1

He went onto Florida and put up 28 pts in 48 games played. 5 pts in 7 games played in the playoffs.

David Booth had 29 pts in 56 games played. 1 point in 5 games played in the playoffs.

Gillis may have thought he got a steal with David Booth, but it appears Dave Tallon knows what he was doing. Canucks are hooked with David Booth's salary, and may opt to use an amnesty buy-out. Samuelsson and Sturm are no longer Florida Panthers, and Tallon has successfully dumped Booth's cap hit.

3. Raffi Torres


Raffi Torres is the perfect third line player. Brings a big physical game, solid offensive instincts, and defensively capable. After losing to Boston, Gillis made it clear he wanted more size and toughness in the line-up. Which is why he lets go one of the toughest players on the Canucks, and signs Marco Sturm...

Raffi Torres is a perfect third liner. Strong lower body, so he can't be tossed around easily. Great hitter, and crashes the net. Good for 15 goals on the 3rd line. Not to mention, he formed a legendary third line of Torres-Lapierre-Hansen in the 2010/11 cup run. It's a shame that Gillis broke that up.

We are all seeing the impact Torres is making on the Sharks. Playing in the top 6, and isn't missing a beat. Playing better then Chris Higgins, Mason Raymond, Jannik Hansen, and deadline acquisition Derek Roy.

Canucks may have had a chance to acquire Torres at the deadline, I don't know. I do know that this new Torres we are seeing is even better then the one that left Vancouver. More disciplined, smarter and better offensively.

I was quite confused on the decision to let Raffi go, hes a rare player to have, can bring momentum for your team, and provide a huge physical presence, while being a factor offensively. Hopefully Zack Kassian can atleast develop into a Raffi Torres.

4. Sami Salo


The 'Finnish McInnis'. Sami Salo was a long time veteran of the Canucks. Oft-injured, yet arguably the best all-around defenseman the Canucks had. Vastly underrated league-wide and by Canucks fans. Calm and cool in his own end. Great breakout pass, and last but not least, his shot.

Many people claim Garrison came in to replace Salo, and it was an improvement. Perhaps, but the way I look at it, I see bad asset management. Sami Salo's last contract was a 1 year, 2 million dollar deal. It appears that Salo took a hometown discount to stay. Now, hes a pending free-agent, and rumored to want 2 years (obviously since he signed 2 yr deal with Tampa). I wouldn't be surprised if Salo signed a 2 year, 2.25-2.5m dollar deal with the Canucks.

I don't know whats going on behind the scenes, but just speculating. I do know that the Canucks kept Keith Ballard, who played 36 out of 48 games, and isn't being played in the playoffs. I do know that he was being used as forward at some times during the season. I do know that he is being favored over Andrew Alberts and Frank Corrado in the playoffs. I do know that he has put up 16 pts in 148 games for Vancouver.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ballard stays next year with Vancouver as well. I mean, Gillis needs to justify that trade. He gave up a premium for Ballard, giving up speedy sniper Michael Grabner, 1st round pick (Quinton Howden) and Steve Bernier.

Had Gillis moved Ballard off the roster, and re-signed Ballard, the Canucks would of had four capable RH defenseman, and perhaps Edler wouldn't be playing like garbage without his partner Salo.

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Edler - Salo

Garrison - Tanev

5. Cody Hodgson


This one I can go on and on about. I want to clear one thing first.

We know that he "asked for ice-time" but we that doesn't mean he asked for a trade. We don't know the true story. I don't want to get into the debate of "it doesn't matter, he wanted out anyways". You don't need to trade a player right away if he wants out. Did Columbus trade Nash right away?

Anyways, it was a shame that he left. I see similar development as Logan Couture. I am by no means saying that Hodgson has the defensive game or shooting abilities of Couture, but just saying a similar development path.

Hodgson enters the league playing limited minutes, and gets a taste of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Hodgson played more games in the playoffs then he did in the regular season. (12 vs 8). Although he barely played, he did get a taste of the NHL.

Couture got a taste of the NHL, appearing in 25 regular season games and 15 playoff games. Showing some promise, but not a primary producer yet.

2nd year, Hodgson has a solid rookie campaign. 33 pts in 63 games played for Vancouver, which included 16 goals. If he played all 82 with Vancouver, he was on pace for 43 pts. He added 8 more pts in Buffalo, hitting 41. All these points accumulated mostly playing on the third line and 2nd PP unit.

2nd year, Couture accumulates 57 points in 79 games played. But he's not playing 12-14 minutes that Hodgson is, he jumps from 10 minutes a game to 17:49. He becomes a part of the San Joses top 6, passing Joe Pavelski on the depth chart. (Remember this)

3rd year, Hodgson is now a top line center, facing the toughest competition, and manages 34 points in 48 games played. In a full year, thats 58 points.

3rd year, Couture is now starting to be considered an elite forward, 65 points on the year.

4th year, Couture gets 37 points in 48 games played, and considered the "guy" in San Jose.

Now, we have heard the Couture/Hodgson comparisons, but heres the thing San Jose did right. They had Joe Pavelski as center. They MOVED him to wing. Couture took over the 2nd line spot, and it worked out great. Pavelski can drop to the 3rd line C whenever needed, or go RW with Couture or Thornton.

Canucks didn't do this with Kesler. Yes he's a great defensive forward and a great faceoff man. But so is Pavelski. But they paved the way of Couture, something Canucks didn't do for Hodgson. Although, I doubt Kesler would shift anyways, nor AV would try it.

6. Manny Malhotra


Malhotra proved to the league he could play after a great run with San Jose as a third line C, signing late in the summer at a low rate under 1 million. The Canucks quickly scooped him up when he became a free-agent and solved their 3rd line center issue, which was previously held by Kyle Wellwood. Malhotra did everything AV wanted as a 3rd line C. Win faceoffs, play the PK, shutdown opposing top two lines, leadership, shotblocking, grit, heart... you name it. It's no suprise when he was playing as an elite 3rd line C, Kesler was freed from some defensive duties and had a career year.

Ever since his eye injury, he hasn't been the same. No adequate replacement has been acquired by Mike Gillis.

Hodgson was doing great offensively as a young upcoming talent, but didn't fit the demands of AV.

Pahlsson was okay, but he was a no-show in the playoffs, and quickly left for Sweden after the off-season.

Lapierre looked to be able to handle the duties to a lesser extent in the 2010/11 playoffs with Torres and Hansen, but it appears hes a 4th liner at best.

Ebbett, Schroeder and Roy... All diminutive centers who don't excel in the defensive zone. Basically going back to Kyle Wellwood third line saga.

Malhotra will likely never suit up as a Canuck due to his injury, it's unfortunate how he went down. It's hard to find a player like Malhotra.

Look across the league. San Jose with Pavelski, Pittsburgh with Sutter, Chicago with Bolland, Boston with Kelly, Los Angeles with Stoll. The ultra 3rd line C's, who provide more then the average 3rd liner.

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This again...

Cody is not Logan Couture. I'll leave it at that on the Cody subject.

I'll take Higgins over Raffi as a 3rd line LW.

Ehrhoff, whatever. I would rather Garrison. At the time Bieksa was the better guy to keep.

Salo, it just didn't make sense for us to offer him the contract Tbay gave him, we would have loved to keep him but we couldn't. No way that contract makes sense.

And we don't miss Sammuelsson. Check out his GP this year...

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Agree completely on Ehrhoff. He was the perfect fit for the Sedins, PP AND 5 on 5.

Samuelsson only looks good next to the cipher David Booth. I wouldn't have minded letting him go if -- you know -- we actually got a hockey player back for him.

Torres. Meh. Phoenix released him, and they were in a dogfight to make the playoffs. He's the type of player -- high intensity, inconsistent -- that's gonna need a constant change of scenery to stay useful. Wouldn't have worked here any longer, IMO.

Salo was my fave Canuck, but no way we could compete with Tampa's offer. Sami's last contract, I don't blame him for fleeing, though it was an insult that Gillis only offered him (I believe) another 1 year- $2.5 million. One year, OK, but he should have been offered $4 million, and cut a few strings somewhere else.

Hodgson -- who knows? It all depends on how Kassian develops. And Kassian is the TYPE of player we sorely need.

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I can sort of understand moving Sammy and letting Salo go because I think he was betting their health wouldn't hold out. The other guys I don't understand. I was so surprised when I heard Ehrhoff left for a contract worth 4 million aav. I know it's really worth more because of the way it's structured but it still wasn't as high as I expected.

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Check out Booth's GP this year. Oh yeah, we're stuck with $4M in cap hit...

Gillis's asset management is bizarre. He keeps barely useful huge contracts around (Booth, Ballard, Luongo), but decides Raffi Torries is too expensive at $2M/yr and that Ehrhoff deserves to be paid less than Bieksa. He didn't even make a decent offer to Salo. And Marco Sturm... what the heck was that for? Peter Schaefer?

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I can sort of understand moving Sammy and letting Salo go because I think he was betting their health wouldn't hold out. The other guys I don't understand. I was so surprised when I heard Ehrhoff left for a contract worth 4 million aav. I know it's really worth more because of the way it's structured but it still wasn't as high as I expected.

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Booth is a useful player, and Ballard's added something to the team that was worth having him around, now he doesn't with the cap coming down. But that wasn't before. And we all know whats going on with Luongo, thats a unique situation.

I don't know what the situation with Raffi was but I assume they didn't feel he was worth it. Whatever I would rather Higgins as the 3LW anyways, and it was Bieksa or Ehrhoff and we kept Bieksa, we made Ehrhoff a solid offer but he wanted more money. And we chose Bieksa.

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I 100% agree with everything you said. We keep Ehrhoff and Hodgson I guarentee you our powerplay is back in the top 10. We keep Ehrhoff and Hodgson (although I'm well over the trade), we would still lose to LA but would be dominating San Jose this year.

I may be contradicting myself here with saying I'm over the Hodgson-Kassian trade, but does anyone else think that, if Gillis kept Torres, that trade wouldn't have been necessary?

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Kassian has been nothing close to necessary. Gillis tried to say Kass will help short term and we have to be patient with him. That obviously was a load and if Gillis thought Kass would help short term he was sadly mistaken, he's hardly done anything.

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You can add Luongo to that list after the off season. I can't see him wanting to stay with the way things have gone down this past year.

The way the coach and management treats some of these players is pretty bad. The whole Hodgson thing started with management saying he was healthy and implying he was playing up the injury when he was hurt. Had that not happened I think he'd still be a Canuck today. Then they treat Luongo like sh!t this year and sit him for the most important game after he was pretty much the only reason we had a chance.

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