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[VID] Have Another Donut

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What's more consistent?

Refs screwing us?

Or us whining about it?

So what we're just supposed to get f****** over by the refs and take it without saying anything? Maybe if the refs stopped screwing us we would stop complaining.

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People would find other things to whine about. This is CDC.

Let them whine about other things... if the team loses on it's own merits fine... if the game is handed to the other team by giving a 5 on 3 with a weak-ass slash that wouldn't be called on them late in the third in a blowout... there are things that need to be said. Will it change it? NO (I know this)... but at least... at least when its so blantant, and the announcers are silent, I know I'm not going crazy because there are others, who understand hockey, that realize a paticular team is obviously favoured, by people who are able to manipulate the outcome of the games and who are supposed to be impartial.
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LOL, great video as always.

Here are the facts:

- 1st period PPs 6-2 for SJS.

- 17 minutes more PP time for SJS, largest margin in the playoffs by far.

- 240% more PPs for SJ including a 5 on 3 in a 0-0 tie.

This is even worse than the Chi series in 2011. It's not a level playing field out there. There's no argument against the stats.

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