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I get this sinking feeling Cory doesn't have the experience to save his hips the day the playoff behemoths crash the net. Luongo on the other hand is very mindful of this you can tell. One rough series and boom Cory can become damaged goods cloutier. Isn't he on the canucks staff now? I'm straying from the point though, if luongo gets traded, who's to say snider man can hold the fort. The unknown quantity is real and variable. If Lu doesn't start tomorrow av should be fired. Same goes for Roy and Higgins playing together . Also there's No reason Ballard should sit for sestito, he is far too talented and we need to roll 4 lines!!!!!!!!!! He should probly get canned anyway for his trial by fire approach to team chemistry at such a crucial time!!!!! Also if booth happens to be ready slot h in over wiese

It's a no firkin brainer

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