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Hockey Alberta eliminates body checking in peewee division

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Kelly Sutherland must be so happy right now. A penalty for you, a penalty for you, a penalty for everybody!

EDMONTON -- Hockey Alberta is eliminating body checking in all categories of peewee hockey starting next season.

Penalties will be assessed to any players who continue to body check.

Board chairman Rob Virgil says there is overwhelming evidence that body checking is the most consistent risk factor for injuries and concussions in kids playing hockey.

Peewees are 11 and 12 years old.

Hockey Alberta's board of directors set up a committee last year to review research on body checking and collect feedback from other Hockey Canada branches.

The committee recommended that a player safety strategy be developed that focuses on reducing serous injuries at all levels.


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This is stupid. When I was in Peewee the taught us how to give and recieve a clean hit. Body checking is a skill that they should teach from an early age. Once they get to Bantam, nobody will know how to hit/get hit properly at a time when the players are bigger and can do more damage. Also in Bantam there's often a big size difference between players.

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