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My Keepers for Next Year, and maybe how to place them

Primal Optimist

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After the early exit this year, and with a 35 year affair with the Canucks, I think I have some good or decent or at least readable insight into what we ought to do going forward.

Fire AV for every reason I have said since 2007. It all starts with AV winning an award for Luongo's work and it ends, or rather begins to end when he pulled Lu and put Schneider in in the playoffs, tipping off the goalie controversy. There is a myriad of other reasons but AV in my opinion needs to go, he needed to go years ago, and he needs to go not a minute later than now.

MG only made a couple mistakes IMO and no one is perfect, I would keep the GM and give him a year to figure out if he can do better with a new coach. I think his biggest mistake was keeping AV in GM MG's first year and not firing him ever since.

Now the players: Keep the Offense like this:

Hank and Dank, Burr, Kes, Hansen, Higgins, Kassian

Keep teh Dee like this:

Bieksa, Garrison, Hamhuis, Ballard, Edler

keep one of our outstandingly above average goalies: my vote is LU, sell cory, its easier with higher returns.

Bring up Jensen and maybe Schroeder as a 13th forward. Re-sign Tanev cheap. Re-sign Roy if you can..but not a necessity..re-sign Lapierre cheap

that is 15 guys of 23...16 with Roy. 17 with Lappy. Bring in a middle six centerman or top six winger for the goalie you trade ..gives you 18 and frankly fire everyone else and bring in new guys.

New coacches.

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On placement of the forward group:

Sedin, Sedin

Burr, Kes

Hansen Roy Higgins

Jensen Lappy Kassian

Now your gonna think i am hating on Kassian: i am not...give him a no pressure entry level job and see if he earns promotions.dont stick him in the CEO job and fire him for incompetence...put him in the mail room and promote him up as he earns it, like any prospect in an organization.

So you can see we need dudes to fill in the blanks...we have a goalie to trade... and we can hire a UFA.

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haha i like his keepers ... each playe ris either over paid with a NTC or we wouldnt get any return in a trade anyways.. we are not keeping them we are stuck with them... and anyone who thinks there is still a chance luongo is our guy is dreaming ... other than this last week and a half cory has outplayed luongo the last 2 years!! imagine if we shipped luongo out after 2 bad playoff games he wouldntve been around for a cup run.

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The Sedins with Burrows has not worked in the playoffs for numerous seasons. AV despite his stubborn ways have given the Sedin line the freedom to play as they wish.

The Sedins failures cannot be attributed to AV. (Besides the fact AV continually rides the Sedins/Burrows train in the playoffs when its not working).

From within our own lineup, a player like Kesler would be the PERFECT fit for the Sedins.

However, that would leave us a gaping hole at 2C

I think we either need to bring in a solid bonafide star powerforward for the Sedins (for once and for all) OR Play Kes with the Sedins and bring in a solid 2C (Hodgson...ouch)

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doesnt anyone else think paul maurice would be a good hire? reason why i dont like ruff is that he hasnt been away from the game long enough sometimes old coaches get stuck in their ways and dont change with the game and i think that caught up to him in buffalo....i think maurice has coached all different levels and also had some really crap teams due to lack of talent not coaching.... i think hes been away from the game long enough to see the league from a different angle and its time he came back. but if anyone thinks a new coach is going to get the sedins to find another gear in the playoffs are dreaming .. i dont think any coach can do that.

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CanucksJay everyone for the exception of tanev and corrado are grossly overpaid on our Defence. and everyone in the league knows it ist going to be hard to trade any of them .... and weber is overrated..nasvhille wouldve done great letting him sign in philly for all those draft picks .. it wouldve been the equivalent to the kessel trade.

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