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I don't know if anyone else noticed but Raymond and Higgins were on a 2 v 1 last night. The sharks defender who i cannot recall played the pass perfectly. Raymond was to deep to pass past a sprawlinng sharks defender as well as causing the sharks defender to keep backing Niemi into his net. I thought YES Raymond pull the trigger goalie is deep and the defender was covering higgins. He decides to force the pass which deflects off the Sharks D-Mans stick and into the corner. This lack of guts to take a chance and possible turn the game around is something that has been lacking in Canucks for many playoff runs. Many people would say bad calls was the story of this series. But if one of our forwards does not have the confidence to take a shot and decides to pass the responsibility onto someone else that is a troubling sign of what kind of gutsy players we do not have. I may be crazy but that 2 v1 seemed like a microcosm of what has been the Canucks playoffs as of the last two years.

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