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BC Parties' Fiscal Record Virtually Identical: New Study


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Parties’ fiscal record virtually identical: study 1

By Chris Campbell, 24 hours

Thursday, May 9, 2013 5:21:54 PDT PM


B.C. citizens go to the polls May 14 for a provincial election. (24 HOURS FILE PICTURE)

The economic track records of B.C.’s two major political parties show that neither is “significantly better” than the other when it comes to fiscal management and employment growth, according to a new University of B.C. study.

The BC Liberals and BC NDP have both made past economic performance major campaign issues in this current election. Tsur Somerville, a Sauder School of Business associate professor, studied the fiscal performance under both parties — compared with other provinces — and found that, on average since 1991, the BC NDP did “modestly” better.

When it comes to the BC NDP, however, the study found former premier Mike Harcourt was better at controlling debt and expenditures than Glen Clark, the premier who succeeded him. Current NDP leader Adrian Dix served under Clark.

“I was surprised,” Somerville said. “I hadn’t expected to see sort of this stark difference between the Harcourt years and everybody else.”

The study found that under the BC Liberals real median income rose significantly. It also found the BC Liberals “benefited” from dramatically higher commodity price growth and lower interest rates.

Job growth under the BC NDP was driven by the public sector, the study said.

Somerville said the study finds pros and cons with both parties. “Any party can find in this what they want to find.”

The study also found the BC Liberals under Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark outperformed the BC NDP governments of Glen Clark, Dan Miller and Ujjal Dosanjh, but not Harcourt

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It is all about comparables to the rest of Canada and there the BC NDP failed miserably.

As I have noted the BC NDP had the advantage of working with a robust global economy and yet managed to drive BC to have-not status and significantly downgrade our credit rating. The BC Liberals turned that around bringing BC back to have status and restoring our top credit rating so that governemnt borrowing is much less expensive and servicing any debt saves BC taxpayers millions.

The BC Liberals following the 2008 meltdown of the global economy have managed to keep BC on track as a have province and preserved our top credit rating.

That is the test of prudent fiscal management.

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The BC NDP was both corrupt and mediocre. And they are led by now Adrian Dix who was hip deep in the scandals of the Glen Clark regime.

In politics you do not have to be great - just better than the other guy and the BC Liberals are demonstrably better.

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You could replace NDP with Liberals, Dix with Clark or Campbell and any number of scandals/f-ups the Liberals have been involved in and have otherwise exactly the same statement.

Again, both parties are sheeite, neither of whom deserve our votes or support.

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