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23rd Overall Pick

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Wondering what you guys think we should get with the 23rd overall pick. Should we get a big DFD, or a scoring winger, or maybe gritty center. What type of player do you think this player needs, and who do you think they should take with the 23rd overall pick?

Here's the players that are ranked 20th - 30th on TSN

20. Josh Morrissey

joshmorrissey_2925-218x150.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP G A PTS +/- Prince Albert 48 13 22 35 +14 2012-13 Team: Prince Albert League: WHL Position: Defence Height: 5'11" DOB: Mar. 28, 1995 Weight: 182 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: Josh is a very good skater with excellent agility and quickness and he uses this very well to jump into the attack offensively or to close on the play defensively. He will hit and can punish opponents with open ice hits. Very good puck skills with a good shot and has very good vision and contributes offensively. He competes and wants to make a difference in the game and has the means to do it, whether it be defensively, offensively or physically

21. Mirco Mueller

mircomueller_2566-218x150.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP G A PTS +/- Everett 43 5 18 23 +4 2012-13 Team: Everett League: WHL Position: Defence Height: 6'3" DOB: Mar. 21, 1995 Weight: 184 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: A very athletic and talented rearguard who is getting better with each passing game. He Skates very well, is solid in his positioning and very difficult to beat one-on-one. Good puck skills and he passes very well from a defensive zone standpoint and effective on the offensive side with potential to improve. Mirco uses his body effectively and will assert and compete very well in this area. He has good overall sense for the game and has shown the capability of taking on more challenges in his role.

22. Zachary Fucale

zacharyfucale_2673-218x150.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP RECORD GAA PCT SO Halifax 39 31-5-2 2.49 0.897 0 2012-13 Team: Halifax League: QMJHL Position: Goaltender Height: 6'1" DOB: May 28, 1995 Weight: 195 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: Zach is the type of goalie who wins games. He has excellent sense, awareness and understands the situation his team is in at any given moment and he responds with play that stymies opponents and buoys the confidence of his team. His skills are very good with skating, lateral mobility and a very good positional approach to the game. He excels mentally in that he makes the saves when it matters and is outstanding at 'parking mistakes' and learning from them at the same time. Has all of the qualities of number one, workhorse goaltenders who help teams win championships!

23. Kerby Rychel

kerbyrychel_2628-218x150.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP G A PTS +/- Windsor 48 26 25 51 -11 2012-13 Team: Windsor League: OHL Position: Left Wing Height: 6'1" DOB: Oct. 7, 1994 Weight: 200 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: Kerby plays with a passion and purpose that is undeniable. He may not be the most fluid skater but he's a very effective and he gets to where he wants to go. He will play nasty and physical, which makes it very uncomfortable for opponents because he simply doesn't allow himself to be denied. He has very good hands and can score in multiple ways and will pay the price to get goals. He plays a rugged style and his line mates will get room and space because he's constantly taking opponents out of the play. He plays with a single-minded focus on helping the team win.

24. Jason Dickinson

jasondickinson_3731-218x150.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP G A PTS +/- Guelph 47 15 22 37 +13 2012-13 Team: Guelph League: OHL Position: Left Wing Height: 6'1" DOB: Jul. 4, 1995 Weight: 179 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: Jason is a very versatile forward who is capable of playing all three positions up front. A very good skater with speed, quickness, agility and the ability to 'slice' through the slightest of openings. Very smart in all regards and he can make plays with the puck or get himself open to receive it. He uses his body well and he gets involved and competes in all of the hard areas. Overall, a player who has terrific upside and he may just be beginning to 'tap into' his vast potential.

25. Curtis Lazar

curtislazar_3572-218x150.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP G A PTS +/- Edmonton 51 23 14 37 +17 2012-13 Team: Edmonton League: WHL Position: Centre Height: 6'0" DOB: Feb. 2, 1995 Weight: 193 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: He is very good in traffic and he is a player who bears down in the scoring areas to get his opportunities. His skating is very good and his quickness may be better than his speed. He's a guy who can play at a high pace and tempo. Curtis gets involved and will assert physically to win the puck and gain advantages. He is good all-around player who finds a way to impact the game in many ways, even physically. He reads and anticipates the play very well which combined with his skill, makes him very hard to keep in check.

26. Jacob De La Rose

nhl218_58053.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP G A PTS +/- Leksands 34 6 6 12 9 2012-13 Team: Leksands League: SWE Position: Left Wing Height: 6'2" DOB: May 20, 1995 Weight: 189 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: Jacob is a powerful player who asserts with his size and physical ability but also with his skill. He is a strong skater with speed and balance. He plays in all situations and he has excellent feel for how to excel in the various tasks of those situations. Can play any forward position and gives a coach a lot of flexibility to allow him to lend support to different players and combinations. He gets offensive opportunities but may not be a natural scorer. Defensively, he can really disrupt the patterns of the opponent and he is dangerous in the counterattack.

27. Valentin Zykov

valentinzykov_4104-218x150.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP G A PTS +/- Baie Comeau 49 32 30 62 +23 2012-13 Team: Baie Comeau League: QMJHL Position: Right Wing Height: 6'0" DOB: May 15, 1995 Weight: 210 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: A very determined, competitive player who combines that intensity with very good skills. Excellent hands, is able to handle the puck in traffic and get his shot off accurately. Very good offensive instincts who gets to the dangerous scoring areas at the right times and is hungry to score. Has very good awareness and can make plays which makes him a multi-faceted threat and difficult to keep in check. He is strong along the boards, in traffic and hard to contain.

28. Ryan Hartman

ryanhartman_3595-218x150.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP G A PTS +/- Plymouth 39 19 22 41 +8 2012-13 Team: Plymouth League: OHL Position: C / RW Height: 5'11" DOB: Sep. 20, 1994 Weight: 187 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: Very versatile player who can play wing or centre. He knows how to play but one way; whatever it takes to win! He competes, has an edge, can be chippy and dirty but he plays within the confines of discipline. He will target 'key' players on the opposition side. He's smart with the puck, can make very good plays and has confidence with the puck. He will drive net with or without puck and he pays a price to play. Good skater who has very good 'game awareness' as to what needs to happen to help his team win. Overall, a player who is no fun to play against!

29. Robert Hagg

roberthagg_3498-218x150.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP G A PTS +/- Modo 25 10 12 22 +4 2012-13 Team: Modo League: SWE Position: Defence Height: 6'2" DOB: Feb. 8, 1995 Weight: 204 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: Robert is a player who, at times, shows all of the attributes of a top defencemen. Has very good skating ability with quickness, agility and power and he's able to use it to his advantage. Good puck play and has a good shot. Good awareness who can play in all areas of the game. Is capable of being dominant at times and, as he progresses in his game, could be a player who could find himself being selected much higher.

30. J.T. Compher

j.t.compher_4647-218x150.jpg 2012-13 Statistics Profile Team GP G A PTS +/- USNTDP 24 6 14 20 - 2012-13 Team: USNTDP League: USHL Position: Centre Height: 5'11" DOB: Apr. 8, 1995 Weight: 184 lbs. TSN Scout Craig Button: JT combines the attributes of skill and will in his game. Has a strong competitive fire, is not easily denied and has a determination to him that makes him a factor in many areas of the game. Very good quickness, is capable of making plays at high speed and can beat defenders 1-on-1 so is very difficult to play against because he keeps you off balance. Good hands with a good shot and is able to play in tight areas. Very good awareness and makes good plays with or without puck in all areas. Was plagued by an injury earlier in season but is rounding into form.


Steven Hoffner:

has Canucks picking: Nicolas Petan, C, Portland (WHL)


Needs to get bigger, but had a tremendous season with 120 points in 70 games

Adam Kimelman:

has the Canucks picking:

Bo Horvat, C, London (OHL)


Gritty power forward skates hard, is aggressive offensively and wins battles at the net for loose pucks

Mike Morreale's

has the Canucks picking:

Kerby Rychel, LW, Windsor (OHL)


Solid skater with speed, agility and good play-making ability; son of Stanley Cup winner Warren Rychel

Wondering what forward you would select, what defenseman you would select, and a player that you think could be a dark-horse selection (ranked in a later round, but who you think will be a great player. Ex. Shea Weber)

My Choice:

Forward: Kerby Rychel

I think he's a player that can become a top 6 forward and 30+ goal scorer, pure offensive talent.

Defense: Mirco Mueller

He's a big D-man at 6'3, could be a great stay at home D-man for the Nucks.

Dark Horse: Madison Bowey

He comes from a long line of Kelowna Rocket's D-man. I believe he'll be like Keith and Weber, where he'll be taken late but be an absolute steal. I've seen him play a couple of times and he seems a step ahead of everyone else on the ice. If we still had our 2nd, i would be gunnin for him. Could even be worth grabbing with our late 1st round pick

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23rd is what we're at right now, it goes by overall standings. But the final four teams pick the last 4 spots. So we could potentially move up in the draft if a team ranked lower then us in the standings makes the top 4. (like L.A. did last year). I personally think it should go by every round, cause right now Sharks could be eliminated in the 2nd round and still pick higher then the Canucks

Essentially this, but division winners are seeded higher. ie, Vancouver will pick after the loser of LA/STL because they are division winners.

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That's an old list you just posted. the final rankings have guys like Mueller, Hartman, Robert Hagg higher. I wouldn't mind Max Domi, although he is shorter in size, he plays with a lot of grit. Woulnd't mind him. Curtiz Lazar is a B.C boy, who is compared to Jeff Skinner, so I don't know, really I don't know, at this point, I would love to have Max Domi Lazar or Morrissey.

" Pittsburgh and Montreal all make the final 4. "

Montreal aint making the final 4.

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Kerby Rychel is who this website also had the Canucks picking

One of the purest OHL goal scorers eligible for the 2013 NHL Draft, Kerby Rychel has been nothing but extraordinary over the last two years. For someone who scored only seven goals as a rookie, Rychel has surely come alive since being in a Windsor Spitfires uniform. He scored 41 goals in his second OHL season in 2011-12 and the only reason why he was not drafted was because of his birthday being in October 1994. He has been Mr. Everything for the Spitfires, playing in all situations and providing significant leadership on and off the ice. With Windsor's veteran corps from the last two seasons reasonably dispatched, it is good to know that Rychel will be counted upon to provide guidance to younger players on the team, including Joshua Ho-Sang, Adam Bateman, Ryan Verbeek and Sam Studnicka. He is a dynamic skater and he has also shown that he can be a physical force, just like his father Warren before him. He also has incredible versatility and adaptability to any situation. Rychel will be a great addition to any team with a young forward group as he could sure come in and provide much needed assistance.


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