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23rd Overall Pick

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since the invention of KHL..... No way do I wish to be writting a years worth of FU messages on here for drafting a player that is at risk of bolting. Got our hearts broken once....twice in 3 years is enough

Pulok is the guy 6' 215lbs.... If he grows an inch or 3, then even better

If we can keep our pick and snag Horvat or Rychel then even better betterererer :bigblush:

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This year more than most I wish the Canucks would trade up and give us a jersey player.

"Jersey Player": A player in which the fan or purchaser is excited to put the players name on their jersey.

Used in a sentence: The Canucks have no jersey players.

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I wonder if Philly would be willing to trade their 11th overall pick for Edler.

Both teams win really.

Philly gets a top D-man that they need. And the Canucks get some cap relief to fill holes up front, and have a chance to draft young hulking defenceman Nikita Zadorov.

Philly is also a team that wants to win now, and already have quite a few young blue chippers, so may be more willing to trade that pick.

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