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Idiotic Hockey Comments

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I made this thread so you guys can share some stupid comments about hockey that you have heard in your life. They can't be from CDC.

I have quite a few (from the same 2 people).

So yesterday one of them decided to google Malcolm Subban, and it showed him after being drafted in his Boston jersey+hat.

One of them said "He's a Boston fan, but his brother plays for Montreal! How Dare He!"

I said: "He was drafted by Boston. That's why he's wearing the jersey."

He replied: "He's not old enough too be drafted!!!"

So I rolled my eyes and went too Wikipedia too prove him wrong.

Another time they called me stupid for thinking the Hawks were in the West and it was only inter-conference games for the shortened season.

Then they called Henrik Zetterberg "Mark Zetterberg". I didn't even reply. I just

:picard:'ed them.

Then they said that Schneids only played 3 periods against LA in the 2012 playoffs.

The most stupid were the following:

- They called AV a great coach and that "he's the only reason they weren't blown out every game."

- Their reasoning for the Sedins being out in the final minute of game 2 was "He wanted too rest their main PK'ers."

- They said that Edler is great on the PP.


So go ahead and share yours.

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someone once told me that Kyle Chipchura was going to be the once and future captain of the Montreal Canadiens. lol.

Another gem..in the same convo..the guy added "I'd take the Kostitsyn twins over the Sedin twins any day"...to which I replied...Dude the Kostitsyns aren't twins....lol

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