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The canucks need to get better and they are getting old. I thing we have a solid core to go back in to the Stanley cup finals. Its just adding players. The sedins are getting older and we need a true number 1 center so here it goes.

Vancouver trades






Pittsburgh trades



Vancouver trades


Florida trades


2nd round pick


I think its crucial for the nucks to get a franchise player in gino. I believe he wants to be the face of the franchise somewhere else and he only has one year left on his deal. I know its alot but I think its good for both teams. Pittsburgh gets a true hard nose number two center in kesler and a top two defenceman in edler and two good prospects. The canucks get gino enough said their.


Twins Kassian

Bur Gino jensen

Higgins matthias hansen

Parros lapierre weise

Bieksa hammer

Nisaknen tanev

Corrado AHLberts


Free agent

Buyout booth and ballard

Flame away

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The maklin deal actually has decent value ion both sides, and is doable.

The Luongo deal is pie in the sky, if Florida is to take Luongo's contract, it will have to be on Tallon's terms, which likley means the canucks having to retain salary. Lots of goalies available for short term deals if Florida decides they want a veteran for abit.

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I would not make that trade.

IMO too much assets moving out for Malkin and a borderline top four defenseman.

Kesler's compete level is much higher than Malkin's. Gaunce, Lack are the kind of players Vancouver needs to move forward with, you know younger guys, better caphits.....

I can see the appeal of acquiring Malkin but I don't believe the pieces Vancouver would move out would be worth it.

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When I clicked this thread the whole time I was thinking please don't say we're gonna get Crosby cuz its not gonna happen. Geno is actually somewhat doable and the value is there, but I`d almost rather remove our first and gaunce and add luongo to there and give them a 3rd or something. I just think gaunce is the type of player that fits perfectly into the 3rd line center spot and maybe one day if developed correctly 2nd line

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