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Good place for iPhone 4 screen replacement?


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Dropped my phone face first on the pavement yesterday, so the screen is cracked pretty badly. I was thinking about trying to replace it myself but maybe I'll forgo it if there's a place someone could recommend.

My main concern is the quality of the part used in the replacement, I'd like one to be as close to the original screen as possible.


I'm in Vancouver so anywhere reasonably close would be fine.

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Thanks Ari, I will keep that one in mind. Anyone have some specific experiences with iPhone 4 replacements? Like, had your screen replaced and was really happy with it? Or if someone could recommend an eBay seller that'd be awesome too.

Special Ed - If it's bad I've been reading online that Apple will replace the back for you for 25 bucks or something like that, so not too shabby.

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