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Canucks get ripped in Province Letter To Editors


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To say the Canucks of the last couple years is the best team the organization has ever iced is as legit as Henrik Sedin's ironman record.

And it is an insult to the '94 squad who, barely making the playoffs, played with the heart, soul and grit of a truly remarkable team. Remember '94, when hockey was played with integrity? Remember when the Canucks lost to the Rangers, they did it in style?

All this whining about being bullied and conspired against is getting embarrassing for the sport and the city. Remember, a last-place team that plays with heart will always beat a first-place team that dives and whines - even when it loses!

The world will always respect a beautiful loser.

Darrin McCloskey, Vancouver

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"But...But the Sharks whined and took more dives than the Canucks that series!"

- Canucks Fans whining about whining and diving.

Face it, the Canucks dive and whine a lot. Bieksa whining to the media was embarrassing. They need to suck it up and play regardless of whining about what the other team is doing.

I would kill for another Lunch Pail crew like '94....Well, plus a Bure, too ;)

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And that is why nothing will ever change in the NHL, because its customers continue to think...

The Canucks are the "divers"....even when it's clear their opponent was doing all of the diving.

Diving is despicable, unsportsmanlike, and shame upon the sport...unless it's a guy on a team playing against the Canucks. Then it's kharma.

Constant diving draws the justifiable ire of the refs and will rightfully guarantee your team years of unfair treatment and unjust punishment...unless you're on any team other than the Vancouver Canucks. (Apparently, the "it's fair now because they were divers back then" rule has only ever been applied to the Canucks despite the continuing existence of diving throughout the league.)

And regardless of the evidence any other team might have, refs are mostly fair...unless that bad call was against your team. In that case those corrupt zebras can go and "date" themselves.

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I'm sick of everyone whining about everything the Canucks do as if it's the worst thing that's ever happened, even when other teams do it all the time. Whining itself is a prime example!

People take such offense to the Canucks saying anything, no matter how true, and label it whining, but seem to have no problem with other teams doing the exact same thing. It happens all of the time in the NHL.

For example, in 2011 it was pass the accusation. Anaheim accused Nashville of diving, SJ accused the Canucks of diving, and then Nashville accused the Canucks of diving. Don't even get me started on Boston...

In 2012, Phoenix accusing LA of embellishment and diving...and they were pissed about LA getting 17 PPs to their 10 in the first 3 games of the series. Try 24-10 in 4 games!

This year, Boston accused Montreal of diving before the playoffs even began. In the playoffs, Minnesota accused Chicago of cheating on faceoffs and Toronto has questioned the fairness of faceoffs in their series with Boston. And if you check out what fans are saying, every team has committed at least one egregious act of diving in these playoffs and it's was surely worse than any dives from their players.

People want to sit on their high horse and pretend to look down in judgement on Vancouver when it comes to whining or diving but the truth is, most teams are guilty of both and some teams are guilty of both to a much higher degree than Vancouver. It just seems that Vancouver is the only team that gets drawn and quartered for it.

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