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well. My sister and his husband (the Brazilian Douchebag) are in Toronto for tourism...

I told them to be carefull, Hockey fans are a little, err, fanatic?

She just phoned me saying they never imagined how Canadians could be so fanatic for something, they told me that soccers fans here are more "relaxed"...

for some reason the "I TOLD YOU SO" doesn´t seem be enought.

yep. I told them about it. precisely 200 times...

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well actually, 哥 looks like a hang man... actually, that could also mean a high cost of living since people hang themselves in their own home when they're in debt to the government for the rest of their life

that's deep

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T.O. seems to suck at rioting as well. Although I kind of see it like how it was after the Canucks lost in 82 as compared to 94 and then 11. In 82 we were just happy to be there after a very long time of sucking deeply. And that's where Toronto is now, just happy to be there. Give them time to redevelop their overly inflated egos driven by a sense of elitist entitlement and see how their rioting skills develop. It did the trick out here.

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