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Bruce Allen Purchases part of Vancouver Giants hockey team

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Bruce Allen has reportedly purchased part of the Vancouver Giants hockey team. According to the Vancouver Province:

People have to remember that’s it’s called ‘sports and entertainment,’” Allen explained. “These guys always say, ‘We’re in the entertainment business.’ Everybody in the hockey business thinks they are in the entertainment business. Very few have people from the entertainment business in high positions in their organization.

“Ron is smart to get involved like that. I can help them. There are ways of lighting, ways with sound. Things have moved along in the entertainment business and hockey guys, because they’re in the hockey business, are way behind with them. That’s a key thing for me to do.” Does anyone think that he might bring Frank Drebin in?

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Heard him talking this up on the radio today. The Giants ownership work hard to make them a top notch Junior team. But I think they've hit a wall on the business side of things. Bringing Bruce on board is a smart move for the Giants franchise moving forward.

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